Better events for rank generation

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Better events for rank generation

Post by peterbill »

Hi all,

I'm using a dual ranklist (users can choose their rank alignement in their profile) and while it's a trivial change editing the core files, the event system does not seem to allow for an efficient way of achieving the same thing:

forum/includes/functions_display.php, line 1546, replace:

if ($user_posts >= $rank['rank_min'])

if ($user_posts >= $rank['rank_min'] && $user_data['user_rank_alignment'] == $rank['rank_alignment'])
It would be ideal if the native behaviour could be changed inside phpbb_get_user_rank rather than having to loop through all ranks a second time.

A simple idea would be to provide core.modify_user_rank with an additional argument such as a closure that could be overridden to change the way of determining if a rank 'suits' a user:

New line 1546

if ($rank_suits_user($user_data, $rank))
However I haven't seen a closure used in any of the phpBB events so that might be something the development team wants to avoid, in which case a rewriting of the phpbb_get_user_rank method would be the only solution.

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