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Re: Getting involved in development

Post by Senky »

Tomba wrote: Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:15 pmAlso, seeing that there's no 3.3 branch
We use master branch for 3.3 release.
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Re: Getting involved in development

Post by hanakin »

Actually @Senky hold off on that.

@Tomba currently the plan is to switch to PHP 7.3 in 3.3.0 as soon as we can, but we are currently wokring on exactly how we want to handle that in a timly manner as currently master branch is on track for 4.0.0 which contains far too much to get 3.3.0 out in a relaistic time line for PHP 7.3.

The dev team will be announcing the plan for handling the PHP 7.3 release soon so I would ask for a little paitence while we get all the details/branches/announcments/etc... worked out. For the time being I suggest as DavidIQ has pointed out working with 3.2.x but commit only 7.3 compliant code...
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