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Recent Posts modification

Post by BadVolf »

PHPBB3 is very nice, however, there are two features that are inexcusably lacking. I know people have been asking for clean URLs for years now, as have a way to see all Recent Posts. Most other forum software has these things.

Anyway, I am going to stop complaining and get to the point: if you go to my site, there is a recent Posts button at the top.

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It shows ALL of the recent posts in descending order. NOW... before anyone posts that it's not implemented properly or under some standard... let me just say, "At least it is done." I know a lot of other people are seeking this, so if you want, you can download it from my site. You can find the files here:

[...removed link...]

It has a few problems. For instance, when you click the button, it looses the session (even though I have a session started in the page... I don't know why this happens.) And clicking to Reply doesn't work. Before someone complains, please feel free to make it better and upload it. I would love to have some kind of full functionality. Sorry, it only works with ProSilver at the moment. I am using PHPBB 3.2.2
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Re: Recent Posts modification

Post by DavidIQ »

Hi there. This is not the place to post this. It should go on Also we don’t do modifications anymore since 3.1. They are now extensions. And finally there is already an extension that does all that: ... _topics_2/
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