easy-to-read numbers

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Re: easy-to-read numbers

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canonknipser wrote: Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:59 pmIn german, we put a dot
No, in Germany only. In Switzerland it comes to 1'000'000 (which in my opinion avoids many problems in contrast to commas).
Marc wrote: Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:57 pmthe recommend unicode "thin space" should be used
No matter which delimiter is used: when you're about to copy it to the clipboard the outcome is always text, not a number anymore. And based on where you want to paste it the delimiters get in the way - I assume thin spaces are the least expected characters.

CSS (or at least HTML) should be a help here, but both lack support for this: no matter if 16686 is displayed as 16,686 or 16'686 or 16.7K the actual value should be a number, not text. While it's not that difficult to tweak the existing language system to also support number formatting it would also scream for giving the user settings for it (while others are happy to read only numbers with 3 digits at max, such as 974 and 12K and 7.68G, which all looks cool and funky, I'd have problems distinguishing between low and high values, whereas scientists might even prefer 47e3 and such), as language alone is not bound to regional settings - just like the time format and time zone isn't bound to a language either (and luckily you can already change that yourself unbound to your selected language).
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