[RFC][3.3.x] Supported PHP versions

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Minimum PHP version for phpBB 3.3.x?

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Re: [RFC][3.3.x] Supported PHP versions

Post by Toxyy »

It's been a couple of years and I'd like to point something out, doing some benchmarking for different symfony versions it doesn't look like 3.4 will be too much of an upgrade:

http://www.phpbenchmarks.com/en/benchma ... y-2.8.html
http://www.phpbenchmarks.com/en/benchma ... y-3.4.html
http://www.phpbenchmarks.com/en/benchma ... y-4.2.html

Latency actually goes up from 2.8 (though to be fair, 2.3 has lower latency than 2.8 as well), with only minor savings in memory consumption. To 4.2, there are more significant memory savings, and a good drop in latency as well. The 4.4 LTS branch will be releasing in September, though this would require a minimum php version of 7.1.

7.1 has a similar share that 7.0 did back when this topic was made:


Also, it seems that 2.8 was adopted fairly quickly vs when it was released, 2.8 was released in 11/2015, this commit is from 12/2015:
https://github.com/phpbb/phpbb/commit/d ... a9379494de

So making the minimum requirements be Symfony 4.4/php 7.1 will certainly feel like an upgrade moreso than 3.4/7.0 will, according to this quick research anyways, IMO.
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Re: [RFC][3.3.x] Supported PHP versions

Post by Marc »

I guess I haven't posted much about it in this topic, but we've actually moved to PHP 7.1 as minimum in order to be able to support PHP 7.3 as well:
https://github.com/phpbb/phpbb/blob/mas ... r.json#L28

Unfortunately, PHP 7.3 still has some issues that cause the test suite and some pages to randomly segfault.
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