RFC - Poll system

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RFC - Poll system

Post by javiexin »

The current poll system in phpbb 3.1 and 3.2 is very límited, and the code is mostly 3.0 or even previous to that.

What I would like to propose is replacing this with a new rewrite, based on the same concepts as other rewritten parts of phpbb, such us avatars and profile fields (by the way, this one is NOT complete yet, please, recheck and approve my PRs on PFs ;)).

That is, creating a poll_manager object and a poll interface (with current functionality as default) that could be implementen and extended by extension developers. The current way to do this (through events that are not ideally placed, with code scattered throughout the phpbb core) is really cumbersome, and hacky.

I could volunteer to write such a module, ideally for some 3.2.x version. But it will be done when it is done :lol:, health and time permitting.

Thoughts anyone? Should I go for this?
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Re: RFC - Poll system

Post by CHItA »

Sure, if you want to refactor some legacy part, feel free to do that. I would say unless you change something in behavior there isn't really a need to post an RFC (of course if you looking for feedback it is probably the way to go).

I would also like to note that it would be great if you could keep the current events for backward compatibility. Also 3.2 is feature frozen, so the version must be 3.3 (or whenever you're done with it).
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