Change "Your Posts" to "My Posts"

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Re: Change "Your Posts" to "My Posts"

Post by Dragosvr92 »

In 3.0 it sounds better with View your posts. With simply Your posts, it sortof sounds like the system is missing a few neurons and speaks incomplete, like tarzan.

People decided that the word "View" should be removed from all five links because it was unnecessary as the system was telling you what to do and it was useless there. The word was simply removed from all links and there wasnt put much thought in changing the rest of the words so they staid the same. About the same as with the prosilver theme. The layout changed colours from silver to blue but the stylename remained the same...

Considering we've made such big changes in 3.1 and moved all links in the dropdown menu, i think My posts makes much more sense.
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Re: Change "Your Posts" to "My Posts"

Post by Mess »

I prefer it like it is currently, Your posts.
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Re: Change "Your Posts" to "My Posts"

Post by Pete77s »

I think its fine the way it is and it's probably easy to manually edit lang part to whatever you want it to say.
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