Building ACP sections for extensions

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Building ACP sections for extensions

Post by M.Gaetan89 »


I'm working on integrating my website into phpBB3.1 (RC1), and I have a question about building the ACP part.
I am using Board Announcements extension as an exemple.

If I'm not missing anything, they use 3 files to set up the ACP: Now I have trouble understanding the goal of the first file (board_announcements_info.php). Basically, all its information are defined in one of the two others files: The only missing information is module auth. Am I missing something? Why do we have to dusplicate all these informations?
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Re: Building ACP sections for extensions

Post by VSE »

Read: ... odule_info

If you look at the migration file, when we install the module, all we are referencing about the module is module_basename and modes. However the database needs to store some more information than just that. When only those two items are in the module install array, the _info file is used to determine the other data to install. This is considered installing a module the "Automatic" way. It makes it a lot easier to install multiple modules and modes.
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