Will 3.1 be handling it's own 404 pages?

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Re: Will 3.1 be handling it's own 404 pages?

Post by MichaelC »

Pete77s wrote:Thing is, it happens with files that have not-a-thing to do with phpbb software. Gonna wait a bit longer maybe it'll get taken are of down eh road, but thanks I'll look into that link you put up.
All urls that don't hit a file match app.php which then sends responses.
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Re: Will 3.1 be handling it's own 404 pages?

Post by Nicofuma »

In fact this page already send the 404 response code (this page is generated by a generic exception listener). So this is a custom 404 error page.

EDIT: To complete what MichaelC says, this happens in only too case:
1) If your url is something like http://www.my-forum.com/phpBB/app.php/my/false/file
2) The url rewriting is enabled and the url is something like that http://www.my-forum.com/phpBB/my/false/file
But in both case it happens only if the url is not pointing to a valid file.
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Re: Will 3.1 be handling it's own 404 pages?

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