Integrating automatic image resizing

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Re: Integrating automatic image resizing

Post by mp777 »

this seems like a no-brainer. there are always pics that need resizing. how is this so difficult to understand? this is such a common thing and it's silly to have the default simply cut the picture off on the right if it's too big. :(

currently using reimg.. but since the update to 3.1.3 phpbb, probably not going to bother.
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Re: Integrating automatic image resizing

Post by Dragosvr92 »

@mp777, this was fixed by listening of the following topic by adding a max-width for the postbody images. In 3.1 images are autoresized to the postbody/forum width. What it would need, is the ability to click images and see them in a photoviewer on their entire resolution.
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