Redesign Jump to Page Form

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Redesign Jump to Page Form

Post by ephemeraboy »

actually jump to page phpbb form now is not easy to detect and use IMO
because we must click the page x of y to activate the jump to page for
(and the form assuredly is leading the user think that it's just a common text info, not a feature. This is based on my users forum that always ask
how to jump into page x)
so, how about redesign it into the better one
i like such this design
thx anyway
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Re: Redesign Jump to Page Form

Post by Dragosvr92 »

The "jump to" box is for (sub)forums. What would you type into that area.. the forum id number? Thats silly. No one would remember them.
It is good as it is.
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Re: Redesign Jump to Page Form

Post by imkingdavid »

He's talking about when you click the page number on a forum or topic page and you get the popup box asking you to enter a page number. He's not talking about the jumpbox at the bottom. Basically, from waht I can tell he wants to replace the link/popup with a static form input so it is more prominently displayed.

Personally, I don't see a need for this; how often do people need to go to a specific page in a forum or topic? In forums, pages don't always have the same topics on them because as you post new topics, old ones get pushed back, and as you bump old ones, the order changes. In topics, this may be more reasonable, but because the feature is already available, I don't see a need to change the interface.
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