really good idea: mod list

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Re: really good idea: mod list

Post by keith10456 »

bantu wrote:
marian0810 wrote:
keith10456 wrote:But what about the admins that don't use Automod?
So if we want the list we're obliged to use automod? :? But I like modding... :(
If you like modding you could just easily make a list yourself. ;-)
Currently, I install mods by hand not because I love the task... Only because I have a Board with a lot of mods and certain customizations. I suspect that is where Mariam's comment derived from.

I do however have a lot of faith in the stated new version... So I'll go from making the changes by hand to using the AutoMod feature.
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Re: really good idea: mod list

Post by Jhong »

I assume we are moving towards a mod repository system? Perhaps several repositories, for reelased and in-development mods? install/uninstall/update via a repository list is IMO a good ultimate goal --and a wider consideration than just a list of what you have installed.
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