3.1 status?

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3.1 status?

Post by EXreaction »

With all the talk of different features that we had wanted to add for 3.1, I am curious as to what the actual status of those features is.

Who is working on what?

What do we want to get into 3.1 yet?

What do we want to get into 3.1 yet that nobody has yet to begin working on?

The feature lock date is not too far away, only 6 weeks.
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Re: 3.1 status?

Post by Highway of Life »

Perhaps it would help (if it’s not being done already) if tickets were created for each potential feature for 3.1, that way it’s easier to see at a glance what is there and what is not. :)
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Re: 3.1 status?

Post by Oleg »

Looking at tickets may provide too much information. May I suggest a wiki page? With, say, the following sections:

1. Accepted features/changes

(List of changes that are committed to the 3.1 branch)

2. Pending features/changes

(List of changes on which work has been completed, but which have not been committed to the branch.)

3. Features/changes in progress

(List of changes currently being implemented.)

4. Features/changes under discussion

(List of changes that do not have any code written for them or that have unresolved issues that must be worked out before implementation can be finished.)

1 and 2 above would have tickets in the tracker, 3 and 4 will not. If 3 and 4 prove to be too hard to separate they of course can be merged.

Furthermore, maybe:

5. Postponed features/changes

(Changes that are desired but cannot be implemented in the given version for some reason.)

6. Rejected features/changes

(Changes that were discussed and rejected.)
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Re: 3.1 status?

Post by naderman »

Actually the tracker seems like the perfect place for this. There are states for all the different lists you would like to have, and it should be a lot less work than maintaining yet another list somewhere ;-) Everything in progress now should have a ticket anyway, but I agree we should add more of the ideas asap to get a proper overview on the tracker.
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Re: 3.1 status?

Post by keith10456 »

I'm not a developer but one would think a Ticket system would be best. It's easier (for the community and developers) to quickly see "what's what" on the various features, bugs, etc.
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