Mutiple Local Permissions

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Mutiple Local Permissions

Post by poyntesm »

phpBB3 has an excellent permissions system.

One area I would like to see improved for phpBB4 would be multiple local permissions. What is a local permission for those not knowing? Well its the idea that in certain areas (forums) you have different permissions, you can post in one but not in another.

Take a bug tracker modification, with local permissions you can grant fine grained permissions based on a product rather than all products. With a download modification you allow download only from specific areas and uplaod maybe to others.

Local permissions are a very useful tool for a modification.

Currently to have multiple local permissions in phpBB3 there are a couple of options but it would be great if it would be as simple to add specific local permissions is it as for global ones currently.

If the concept of roles is kept they should also fully support multiple local permissions.

Does anyone else think this would be a useful improvement to the permissions system?
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Re: Mutiple Local Permissions

Post by naderman »

I agree entirely and I really don't see any reason why we should not do that. What we have to work on is transparency for the user. It has to become easier to understand how certain global permissions, local permissions, global settings and maybe even local settings interact.
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Re: Mutiple Local Permissions

Post by igorw »

This is one of the things phpBB 3.0 really lacks (there have been attempts to change that) extensibility of local permissions. I could not agree more that this should be easier for MOD authors in the future.
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Re: Mutiple Local Permissions

Post by Emile43 »

Thanks for your post

That would be great if that kind of permissions would exist

What i am realy looking for as a minimum is this :

Possibilité to separate Announce and Global Annouce on permissions
I want to reserve the Global permissions to administrators only and the Announce to forums moderators and post it to the modo assign to his forum and sub forum only

And also :

For examle if I assign a modo to a forum and sub forum
I do not want him to be able to copie or move post ouside the forum or sub forum i assign him to

So if those permissions already exist I would appréciate if you tell me where i can find them

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