Greetings from CKeditor

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Re: Greetings from CKeditor

Post by Arty »

brunoais wrote:I don't think this will go forward.
See: ... 79#p244679
That post is over a year old. New versions of most editors have been released since then, other editors appeared. I think it needs to be reevaluated.
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Re: Greetings from CKeditor

Post by wiktor »

If you start re-investigating WYSIWYG editors and have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me.

If I can suggest one thing: don't look at the current state of bbcode plugin for CKEditor. It has been created only as a showcase to provide a simple "working" sample of an editor that is capable to produce BBCodes instead of HTML.
Keep in mind that translating HTML into BBCodes (or any other pseudo code) is just a relatively small part of the whole application, which may be coded in a plugin that handles just this thing.

It's been a long time since CKEditor has been evaluated here, so let me point some features that have been added recently or that are currently under development just to show that we've continued enhancing the editor this year providing some unique cool features:

ACF (Advanced Content Filter)

This feature let's you define the list of allowed content inside CKEditor (tags, attributes, styles, classes etc.). It means that, together with inline editing (introduced in CKEditor 4), you can have a full real WYSIWYG experience.
One of the cool things is that the list of allowed elements, apart from being configurable, is generated automatically based on enabled features.

How it works?

Example 1: if you paste content copied from some other website with <H1> tag in it, and <H1> tag is not allowed inside CKEditor, the <H1> tag will be immediately removed by CKEditor itself, leaving the text that was inside the tag.
So, comparing to the situation where <H1> is left in the editing area and removed only on the server, the user will no longer have the "WTF" experience after saving the content and seeing something totally different.

Example 2: if you paste content from some other website with <B> tag, and <B> tag is not allowed inside CKEditor, but <STRONG> is allowed and CKEditor is configured to allow transformations of <B> into <STRONG>, then the <B> tag will be automatically converted into <STRONG>.

For more info, read the CKEditor 4.1 announcement.

ACF is of course fully compatible with Paste from Word, which does a little bit different magic: translates mess from Word int HTML.


As some of you know CKEditor will be the default editor for Drupal 8. One of the features that the community needed was the possibility of defining special parts of the content that are groups of elements, which are treated as a single entity inside the editor. The main need was an easy way to create/edit images with captions, but there may be many different use cases, like e.g. block quotations with information about the author and so on. This is what we're currently working on, to get more information about it, check the CKEditor 4.3 Beta announcement.

I could write even more here to list other attractive things in CKEditor (like perfect accessibility support), but that would be boring :D So, let me write just once again what I said at the beginning: if you have any particular questions, feel free to ping me.

At the end, let me just add my personal opinion, somehow related to that topic (and maybe too revolutionary): ideally, having a decent wysiwyg editor enabled by default, I'd consider dropping (some day) the idea of using bbcodes at all, and start using HTML (after all that's what we want to see on the website!), it would make things much simpler I believe. There would be no need to maintain a complex parser for example. You could start using many 3rd party plugins in CKEditor out of the box without even having to care whether you need to adopt the bbcode parser to support it. You'd just need to have a tool like HTML Purifier to secure the forum.
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Re: Greetings from CKeditor

Post by brunoais »

The please do a complete compare between SCE and CKE.
Unless you can find a good way to make CKE to work with BBCode and a way that makes it as easy or easier than SCE to place custom BBCode, then I'll be stickying with SCE which is almost ready (just requires some adjustments and bugfixes)
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