Biggest competition threats to PHPBB forums

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Re: Biggest competition threats to PHPBB forums

Post by Master_Cylinder »

I'd rather have people posting, using words, than just liking/disliking a post but your mileage may vary. I do think it should be part of the core, even if it's not turned on by default and I have installed a mod to give my forums that feature. I'm not convinced that the like/dislike feature encourages discussion though, so it might get disabled/uninstalled. It seems that clicking a thumb up/down is kind of lazy. Now, if the users click the thumbs AND post comments, fine. If they start using the thumbs instead of commenting, it goes.
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Re: Biggest competition threats to PHPBB forums

Post by Volksdevil »

I'd just like to add that having a like/dislike feature would be nice, as long as there is some form of control via ACP. It may not be a good idea for certain forum categories etc.

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