Altering or hiding /profile fields?

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Altering or hiding /profile fields?

Post by zip7000 » Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:45 pm

Regarding phpBB 3.04

Is it possible to edit out various sections of the "standard" UCP -- for example, if some members will not be permitted to attach files can the "manage attachments be hidden?

Can you disable the choice of "Administrators can e-mail me"? making it mandatory for users to allow contact from Admins?

And most importantly on Groups -- even when a group is designated "HIDDEN" the group members can see it in the UCP - I need to be able to have completely hidden groups -- that are there just for managing user access to various forums, though I don't necessarily want users to be aware of all of the groups --
In the words of one of my "feedback/beta testers": Seeing as how I'm not a moderator, educator, lawyer, medical, or etc, I kind of feel like I've been excluded. :(