Usernames not linking to profiles

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Usernames not linking to profiles

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I recently installed a fresh copy of phpBB 3.0.4 and imported the data from a slightly older version (R4). I had to do some jiggery pokery to get it to work correctly, including upgrading the database table structure, but everything seems to be perfect now... except that usernames in the memberlist, forums and posts are no longer links to the appropriate user profiles as they used to. The usernames display fine, but they're not clickable.

I've done a lot of research to no avail, but I'm guessing that it's something to do with this comment in functions_content.php:
If the mode is 'no_profile', we simply construct the TPL code due to calls to this mode being very very rare
This seems to set the username to display only, without the hyperlink. But this is the case with ALL usernames, even though most/all users have profiles. Can anyone give some advice on how to fix this?

This also seems to relate to a problem I had before installing this fresh version. Before I did so, I tried to upgrade to 3.0.4 and something went wrong. On the old installation (which is still present on a different server) I get nothing but an error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_username_string() in /htdocs/www/forums/includes/functions.php on line 3473
It was because of this error that I gave up on the upgrade and decided to start over (although still keeping the old database). Now I'm wondering if the two problems are related.

Can anyone help?

EDIT: I just noticed that you CAN view member profiles by clicking on usernames... but only when logged out! It's the opposite of what it needs to be.

UPDATE: Okay, problem solved. Out of courtesy I thought I'd post the solution here: I went into the ACP and, on the home page, purged by cache. Problem fixed instantly! :oops: