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Discussion of general topics related to the new release and its place in the world. Don't discuss new features, report bugs, ask for support, et cetera. Don't use this to spam for other boards or attack those boards!
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Re: Thanks psoTFX

Post by eqbeastlord »

Thanks for all your hard work. It IS appreciated.
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Re: Thanks psoTFX

Post by Prince of area51 »

i think .. phpBB lost its soul ..
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Re: Thanks psoTFX

Post by DK »

I dunno. I appreciate the time Paul put in on this project at the same time I'm pretty mad and don't understand at this pt why others are not vocally mad.

Just look at the commit log and paul's post since january 2004 and it's obvious what was going to happen. people get burnt out on projects like this after so long, natural cycle of most developers. My annoyance comes in the ceiling placed on the community and resistance from the group (many times with paul vocally leading this as the 'face man') to add additional developers or seek additional developers or begin grooming them. Now we are left in a position where phpbb's future is in strong doubt. Acyd Burn is a great software engineer if you take a look at his code, but he is p/t and has a real job and life which means currently we have maybe 1/3 of a developer working on phpBB. Meantime knowing how you felt back then Paul and knowing your own disposition and the like ... grooming someone to step into this team would have been the proper approach rather than 'slagging' the community like this imho and then on top of it leaving us with this quote.

That and I gave months, heck 2+ years of my life to keep this project going ... crap code and all ... for an ungrateful bunch of whining users and lack of leadership from the top
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Re: Thanks psoTFX

Post by Dark_Génova »

phpBB3 will be very late :?
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Re: Thanks psoTFX

Post by APTX »

I just hope the whole project won't fall apart.
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Re: Thanks psoTFX

Post by yexusbeliever »

Dark_Génova wrote: phpBB3 will be very late :?
It may be delay, but phpBB3 production will still go on. So it may not be delay at all. Just take this moment of time to forget about the stress of phpBB and remember one of our great influencial developer.

Thank you, psoTFX.
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Re: Thanks psoTFX

Post by Yawnster »

Dark_Génova wrote: phpBB3 will be very late :?
Ok ive resisted to make comments on phpBB3... but this is taking it too far.. Your in a topic about psoTFX.. Its not about phpBB3... And to state that phpBB3 is late is totally and utterly wrong.. its a project developed for free, for fun.. yeah its taken a long time.. but heck if you want to try and develop something like this and create a product with such a follow then go on.. Paul left because of this mentality that V3 of phpBB is late... Its Never been set a release date to my knowledge so how the heck can it be late..

Sorry Moderators for taking this off topic.. but the reason the guy left was because of comments like that, and in the very post that people are thanking him for his dedication it continues...

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Re: Thanks psoTFX

Post by dvduval »

Indeed, thank you, psoTFX!
As we the story starts to unfold, it is clear you are the one that made phpbb what it is ...
starting around Christmas of 2003 it seems phpbb's homepage starting getting junked up with text link ads at the bottom...*/" target="_blank
Knowing that just one of such links is worth about $1000 per month on a PageRank 9 site, it looks like the party started around New Years 2003.

There have been comments that upper management is not really doing much to manage the project anymore. That's really too bad. Even as an Open Source project, there is certainly a model that could be used to generate enough funds to pay people like psoTFX.

Now, more than ever, the only way phpBB can validate itself is by releasing v3, so people like psoTFX can look back on their hard work 5 years from now and see that phpbb is still going strong.
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Re: Thanks psoTFX

Post by Viperal2 »

Of topic" target="_blank is really cool. I'm surprised to see how far back it kept it archive. Really Really cool :P . Not to mention it even kept a few lvls into the site.
What is The Viperal ?" target="_blank
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Re: Thanks psoTFX

Post by warmweer »

nothing much I can add.
All respect goes to psoTFX for what he has achieved with phpbb. One of the best board software was developed by and with him and his name will undoubtably be linked to phpbb forever.

And good luck to Acyd, he's got a hell of a difficult job having to fill psoTFX's shoes now. But knowing Paul (which I don't, but I have a gut feeling he wouldn't stand down just like that)) I'm sure he trusts Acyd is the right man for the post.

Hopefully we'll hear from psoTFX now and then.
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