All style (template, theme and imageset) related questions for the new release; advice, feedback here please.
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i want to show custom smilies related to the forum you post in.
i.e. you post in the "car" subforum, you get car-smilies. you post in the "bike" forum you get bike-smilies...guess you get the idea :D
therefor i need to know the forum name or at least the forum_id in the smilie-popup.
i looked at viewforum_body.html and there they use a {FORUM_NAME} variable, but thats not available in the smilie window, i guess.
how do i activate it to be useable in the smilie-popup too?

i got it to work anyway by using php and the $_GET['f'] variable.
but to get this to work, i have to activate php in templates and thats not coding conform.
i want it to be confrom to the phpbb3 standards.

PS: can i use the word censor to replace words with url-words? like if you post "area51" it automatically creates this -> area51
if not, how do i achieve this?
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