Removal of some parts of a template

All style (template, theme and imageset) related questions for the new release; advice, feedback here please.
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Removal of some parts of a template

Post by dutch2005 »

well i might not post this at the correct part of the forum..

yet we are running phpbb3 atm as our forum, yet atm we dont have a main site, now one of my friends is coding that part...

to clear some stuff up... our current site is located at

the new site+phpbb3 forum will look something like this:

as you can see... at the top right there already is a login (wich is already working), so the login part at the template currently being used, is just NO-longer, needed.

we simply want

Code: Select all
Ownage Multi Gaming
* Inloggen   * Registreren 	{ PORTAL } { PORTAL }   Forumoverzicht Forumoverzicht   * Help    * Zoeken
	Het is 01 feb 2008, 20:38

Toon onbeantwoorde berichten | Toon actieve onderwerpen

{ PORTAL } » Forumoverzicht
those things to be deleted.

i did some google-ing yet i found no real usage to it...
any help would be appreciated...

thnx dutch2005 :)

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Re: Removal of some parts of a template

Post by Raimon »

Just deleted on overall_header.html the breadcrumbs.html include , i believe on black_purl the time zone is include on the breadcrumbs.
If you want to deleted the Help, zoeken etc menu you must deleted the menu search for {U_INDEX} en delete the hole menu , furthermore , you can better post it on .com instead of area51 =-> ... 4&t=574818 :)

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