Subforums could show active (new post).

All style (template, theme and imageset) related questions for the new release; advice, feedback here please.
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Subforums could show active (new post).

Post by oddfish »

With many subforums it would be a benefit to users to actually see a difference between read_subforums and unread_subforums.

On the Index, when a subforum has a new topic/post, the forum_unread_subforum.gif appears. Knowing which subforum has the new
topic/post (of interest to the user of course) is a mystery. Yes we can click on newest/latest topic/post icons to takes us there but
then if the subforum is of no interest to a user then they enter that subforum to find that out. :|

So, could we please see the subforum highlighted (as in unread) to go along with the gif change? The css could be set the same color as
current but the option to change in the ACP would be brilliant. :)
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Re: Subforums could show active (new post).

Post by Case »

I was looking in to doing this, I think its a little difficult though (however, I am often wrong).

Code: Select all

<td class="<!-- IF forumrow.S_UNREAD_FORUM -->row_forum_new<!-- ELSE -->row_forum<!-- ENDIF -->" width="100%">
I use that in my forumlist_body.html to change the color of a forum name when there are new post. Subforums are handled a little differently though and as far as I can see, you can't apply a style to them. It simply checks if there are subforums there, not if there are new posts.

Perhaps someone with a bit more knowledge can offer a suggestion.
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