Enough @$&%! docs for now!

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Enough @$&%! docs for now!

Post by Nuttzy99 »

I feel like coding and not doc writing!!!!!! Therefore I will be leaving the rest of the docs for later. However feel free to continue any discussions here and I will be sure to respond. Also if I overlooked someone's concerns, let me know.

-Nuttzy :cool:
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Re: Enough @$&%! docs for now!

Post by matt z »

I'm not entirely sure where to put this... This seemed like a decent place to do it, but I'm not entirely sure. If it's wrong, and you know where it should go, could you either put it there or let me know, so I can?

I have a proposal for standards for the file structure, which might make it easier to install MODs in additional styles or languages. In addition, it seems like it would make it much simpler to customize installations... On the downside, it would necessarily make the mod files slightly (or perhaps considerably) larger...

Part of the proposal includes standardizing file names, which would probably work as follows

*Folder- "MOD name"*

where *Images* and *Files* are directories called Images and Files, apparently, and include any images or files to be installed elsewhere.

main.mod would contain the instructions for any modifications to core php files--basically anything that isn't a style or language, where the set of instructions only has to be used once. SQL instructions would generally go in here, I imagine.

langs.mod would contain the instructions for changes to be carried out on any or all language files.

styles.mod would contain the instructions for changes to be carried out on any or all styles.

now, for implementation, this would allow for a user to easily run just a language update, because easymod would just have to run the one file, instead of trying to decide what parts of a file should be executed. Similarly for a style update: easymod could check to see which styles have not been modded, and run just the set of instructions in the styles.mod file, instead of sorting through a larger file, trying to determine what pieces of it to use.

Running the main (initial) installation could either automatically run all three files, or (if there would be a good reason for this) could just run the main.mod file.

Putting the images and files in specified folders could actually serve to minimize wasted space by allowing easymod to remove the entire folders and their contents during the course of the installation, as the files are copied to their proper locations. It gives easymod a standard place to look for files to copy, and a standard command to remove the files (/images/*, or whatever).

Finally, any files or directories that are not used in the installation would (obviously) not be required to exist.


Am I way off?

Am I being redundant and repeating things you already knew?

What changes would you make?

And finally, is it feasible, does it make sense, or is it too much of a hassle?