Announcement Centre Problem

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Announcement Centre Problem

Post by danielc2384 »

Ok. I have installed EasyMod succesfull.
and now I just went to install my first mod (ACP Site Announcement Centre by lefty 74) and I get this error.

Critical Error

FIND FAILED: In file [index.php] could not find:

$announcement_title = str_replace("\n", "\n<br />\n", $announcement_centre_config['announcement_title']);
$announcement_guest_title = str_replace("\n", "\n<br />\n", $announcement_centre_config['announcement_guest_title']);

MOD script line #44 :: FAQ :: Report

Can anyone tell me what I have to do to fix it?

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Re: Announcement Centre Problem

Post by Realisty »

it's just as easymod said ....there is no such thing in index.php .... ai think you are using the Upgrade_ACP_Announcement_centre_1_2_2_to_1_2_3.txt
You should use install_ACP_Announcement_centre_1_2_3.txt if you are installing it the first time instead of upgrading ;)