What happens when easymod DOESNT install

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What happens when easymod DOESNT install

Post by Overgrown »

if i try a mod in Easymod and it displays errors after clicking the install button...

if the MOd doesnt install, i get critical errors or what ever type, BUT it shows a whole list of commands that were performed on the files to be edited or sql.

what has happened to the database if anything?

are there lines that need to be cleaned up?

Will this affect future installs or previous installed MODs?

what do I need to do if anything?

Im new at all this (only a couple weeks into it) so please bare with my ignorance. I did search for this and could not find an answer.

Thank you in advance.

PS: I use a test BB before placing mods on my Live board. what i found out last might is that a few mods that installed and worked properly on the test board, did not on the live board. this i dont uderstand either.

thanks again
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Re: What happens when easymod DOESNT install

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until you click the final button during the install, nothing is written to the files at all, or to the database.

so, if you abort an installation, you don't have to do anything.

for the other problem, it is really hard to help without specifics.
there are too many variables involved between the two different environments, etc.