Mods that are working :)

Want to share what MODs you've gotten to work with EM? Happy about all the time your're saving? Want to say "thanks"? Here's the place.
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Mods that are working :)

Post by scubasjl »

Would like to say thanks for making such an installer, plus I'm wondering why theirs not a newer version out as it would be as to have easymods and phpbb be packaged together, and then have mods be written to work with easymods. I see if that happens then the support for easymods will go up and the questions and problems with installing will go down for it. :D But thats just my take anyways to the point heres a list of mods I was able to install with the latest fresh install of phpbb2 that is offered as of today on phpbb to download. Had no problems and to what I have tried and seeing with them they are working good.
  • Pseudo WYSIWYG BBcode Editor - works
    13 or Older Only - works but not sure what page it directs u to if your under 13, it didnt do anything I must have to edit it.
    Favicon - works
    No Search Flood Limit for Admins & Mods - works
    Birthdays - works
    Admin Userlist - works and is awesome help
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Re: Mods that are working :)

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in order for a MOD to be validated by the team, it has to work in easymod on a plain vanilla phpbb board.