Is EasyMod alive?

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Is EasyMod alive?

Post by progster »


I've got a new phpBB installation that I need to add some mods to.

I found a post by a mod author suggesting EasyMod, but when I tried to download it from SourceForge, I got empty files.

Also, the posts here seem pretty old ...

So, if someone could tell me the current status of EasyMod, I'd appreciate it.

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Re: Is EasyMod alive?

Post by Poomerio »

EasyMOD is by no means "dead".
It's just that myself and Nightrider haven't posted here, helping people since March; when has a double RAID failure.

- Poomie

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Re: Is EasyMod alive?

Post by grasshoper »

yea, im having the esact same problem, i need the mod as i want to install several mods and im not very good at it. Easy mod sounds a lot easer.