3 suggestions

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3 suggestions

Post by arod-1 »

it is very late in the game for coming up with such suggestions.
worse, i did not go over the whole of the thread history to see if these things were suggested in the past, so i apologize.
otoh, i think these sugestions may be interesting enough to consider, even this late....

1) there are many mods written already, and it will be very rude to break them. BUT, it may be worthwhile to consider supporting, for a while, 2 co-existing formats for the diff file.
i am talking, of course, about supporting the (in)famous diff format. many developers use cvs system for source management. how cool would it be to run "cvs diff -u > difffile" and generate something easymod could handle?

2) define official format for MOD names, and add a "requires" field to a mod, such that a mod can be defined to depend on another mod. if you try to install a mod that has "requires MOD-SOMETHING-1.4", easymod will verify that the first mod exists before even starting to install the 2nd mod, or will inform the user that a required part is missing. this goes for the version of the main product also (ie, you can create a MOD that will require some minimum version for the main product)

3) allow installing MODs from a mod repository no the net. this requires some deep thought, but it would be the coolest feature of all, basically a one-click install, without requiring the user to upload anything to the server.

if any or all these things have been discussed, i apologize again.

one more thing:
make easymod as independant as possible from phpbb, so it will be easy to pick-up and adopt for other open-source php based projects.