Cannot Find The Line -> Right, but now, how ... ? [Solved]

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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Cannot Find The Line -> Right, but now, how ... ? [Solved]

Post by C3ed »

*I finally installed it by myself :P

I'm really sorry if I am asking something already answered. Also, excuse me for my poor english, I am French.

I need some help for a little problem, here's the facts :
  • EasyMOD [0.3.0] is successfully installed in my PhpBB.
    I have only one MOD installed with it [Cash Mod]. (Correct)
    I have subSilver in my templates folder, but also the « ashGrunge » one.
I already know the problem : « the warning appears on a non-subSilver template file b/c most likely that template is too different from subSilver »

What I've tried :
  • I modified the mod_install.txt file to search a line that exists in ashGrunge.
The concrete problem :
I'm trying to install the [Shop Mod].
In the subSilver theme, we have little icons in the overall_header [menu] (images name: icon_mini_faq, etc...).

In ashGrunge, we just have links (images name : menu_usergroups, menu_faq, etc...).

In the original mod_install file, what they want to do is to add an icon of the shop [Image] in the menu of icons.

What I did with the mod_install file :
To add a link besides the usergroups link, named « Forge » [Image](I want the Shop to be medieval :lol: ).

But easyMod wants to install the Mod in both templates, while it can just handle one install file.
Note : My phpBB is only ashGrunge, I do not necessary want subSilver to be adapted.

How can I counter this ?
You would be very nice, thank you in advance ! ;)

p.s. : I am a crap when I install Mods by myself, if there is an easier solution, pity ! lol