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I am trying to install a modified version of shopmod 2.61 with easymod. I say modified because this is my attempt to create a version of zarath's mod that can be installed with easymod. I am using phpBB 2.0.22 and easymod 0.3.0. The problem is that when I try to install the mod trough easymod I get no errors, all files are processed, but it says "Installation Failed" and the mod isn't installed.

heres a screen grab:

here are the files:

here is the original file (without my modifications):

Also, when I run the shopmod's process in easymod, easymod creates a processed file in the shopmod directory. (I left that file in the download link)
The install.php file included in the link doesn't work for me, thats why I am trying to install it with easymod. I have made the install file so that it is compatible with the DAJ_Glass template.

ps: I put the emc tag as a note to self so please ignore