Installation for dummy's ......

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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Installation for dummy's ......

Post by ryleigh813 »

I had someone install easymod for me but I cant seem to figure out how to work it. I dont understand the instructions I read here! Now let me say that I am just starting to do my own ftp so that could be why I dont get it! I am using cuteftp and then I log in. From there I dont know where to go!

Can someone give me step by step instructions, sort of a super super dummied down version!


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Re: Installation for dummy's ......

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well i have a smart ftp client, now i dont know if they work the same but im pretty sure they should, this is how i do it and i have around 15 mods on my forum's


1. Download the mod you want

2. Extract the files

3. upload your mod to your ftp,into the mods folder

4. go to your forums, and go to the admin panel

5. login to easy mod in the admin panel, ( you need the password for it,the person that installed it has to give it to you if he hasnt )

6. Process the mods, it does everything for you

7. you should see if the mod worked if you have problems, ask someone else that might do it a different way..

if you need it to seem more simpler i can take some screen shots..