Huge thank you to nightrider

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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Huge thank you to nightrider

Post by Goucho »

wahey i was asked to help a guy on a forum to install a shoutbox........... boy did i know the biz lmao got a couple of errors and fixed them in no time and have a fully operational shoutbox plus a swelled head..............all because of the efforts and patience of Nightrider!!

Plz join me in thanking him for all his hard work.

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Re: Huge thank you to nightrider

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Awesome. Goucho, I'm glad that this all is sinking in. The more you install, the easier it will become. It's nice to hear that you are using what you learned to help someone else. If everyone would do that, few questions would go unanswered for very long. Keep it up!!!

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Re: Huge thank you to nightrider

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All hail to the king of instalations :D :D :D
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