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Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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How to ...

Post by KURTZ »

unistall an installed mod?

i.e. in the EasyMod History i've got some mods already installed, but this isnt true... so i cant reinstall those mods cause the EM dont "see" them cause it reads those mod like INSTALLED ... so if i wanna install those mods the only way is edit all the files manually ... and this is a too hard work ...

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Re: How to ...

Post by SamG »

Moving to EasyMOD support ...
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Re: How to ...

Post by ChALkeR »

Just use somethihg like PhpMyAdmin and find the table in which Easymod stores the installed mos information, and delete the row for that mod.

In SQL it will be something like this (for MySQL):
DELETE FROM {That table} WHERE `mod_title` = {your mod title} LIMIT 1
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