what to do next?

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what to do next?

Post by abhishek1711 »

hii i went o ftp and created folder mod within admin thn folder easy mod and thn copy pasted easy mod file into it.

now wht nxt to do? the instrcutions are not clear to me. how to start installing modifications

i dont see any tab call mod in my admicp

Note: your_forum_folder should be your forum folder (the default name is phpBB2, but it don't have to be like that)

now i tried with name asphpbb2...bt doesnt work !

okie i tried this path ibsvellas.com/admin/Mods/easymod/easymod_install.php

bt it says CRITICAL ERROR: the file 'admin/mods/easymod/em_includes/em_ftp.php' could not be found. Please, make sure EasyMOD has been uploaded under the admin/mods/easymod/ directory of your phpBB installation.
i checked em_includes/em_ftp.php is installed on the ftp....wht to do?
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Re: what to do next?

Post by Raimon »

You must noticed that the link case sensitive is.
the right location is http://www.ibsvellas.com/admin/mods/eas ... nstall.php

have you upload easymod successful in the directory mods, other wise try to re upload the directory , before you begin i advice you to read this: http://easymod.sourceforge.net/readme/

Dont forget to chmod the files and directory first, without that easymod can not install the mods for you.

When you don't get the read me doc, please let us know what you don't get :)