Install new style after installing mods

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Install new style after installing mods

Post by C-3PO »


Long time I've been here.
Is it now possible to update all already installed mods with a new installed style?


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Re: Install new style after installing mods

Post by Nightrider »

Hey C-3PO,

What I do when I want to install MODs that have already been installed into new templates, is to strip the non-template code from the MOD script and save it as a Template Only MOD file. Usually I use the same name as the original MOD file and tack on template_only to the file name. Store that in a new Template Only folder. If there are any included files in the MOD that are copied to any of your template folders, you need to make sure they are included in the new Template Only MOD folder...

Next, edit the Template Only MOD script in your text editor. In the MOD Title, add the name subSilver. Then double-click on it and do a Replace All on the word subSilver with the new template name. Save the file and upload the Template Only folder to admin/mods. Since the MOD Title is different because you added the template name to the title, EM will consider it a new MOD and display it in the Unprocessed MOD List. Install it like you would with any other MOD...

If you have added multiple templates, you will want to go back, do a Replace All on the previous template name in the MOD Title, save the file, then run the modified Template Only MOD again. You can use the same Template Only folder for each template since EM will create backups using the template names. None of the previous backups in the Templates Only folder will be overwritten...