phpBB4 demo?

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Re: phpBB4 demo?

Post by melvinardan »

Louis7777 wrote: Fri Mar 10, 2023 8:46 pm I meant updating the core (like in WordPress), but yeah, extensions as well, sure.
agree, im also want this one.

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Sylver Cheetah 53
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Re: phpBB4 demo?

Post by Sylver Cheetah 53 »

I do not like WordPress. I think Blogger is better.
So I hope phpBB4 will be nothing like WordPress.

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Fred Rimbert
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Re: phpBB4 demo?

Post by Fred Rimbert »

It is not a question of making phpBB look like WP but of having an automatic kernel update system like WP already does.

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Re: phpBB4 demo?

Post by romans1423 »

I'm indifferent to 4.x needing a new theme bundled with it. If anything, I'd say prosilver is almost too iconic to give up as the default — iterate on it to make it better and better (for example, using header tags for post date/author info, footer tags for signatures, etc. or including markup for rich semantics). Nail clean and meaningful markup, then release optional CSS/image packs for it that completely change its appearance up if you want to.

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