New Admin Style for phpBB 3.3?

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Re: New Admin Style for phpBB 3.3?

Post by hanakin »

kind of unrelated as yes it would be nice to have a clean restful backend but it takes time/ppl to convert/re-write every part of the core, as there are a lot of moving pieces. To wait on that to be accomplished to upgrade the ACP to modern practices is a false assumption. With modern tooling in place and a front-end framework its far easier to modify and update the ACP theme especially when adding twig to the mix down the road to take advantage of said improvements.
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Re: New Admin Style for phpBB 3.3?

Post by yasara »

My opinion also reconverting every part of the core will take more time and people. So I think it's better to modify and update ACP theme since there is no severe bugs in the admin core code. Current front end technologies, there are many in-built libraries that we can utilize easily to modify the ACP theme.
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