Ideas. Standard Style Improvements.

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Re: Ideas. Standard Style Improvements.

Post by hanakin »

That’s all well and good but change is inevitable and that’s one major reason why we are releasing this as a major version. Besides it will all be done via js and fallback to normals without it so you can simply disable it for your forum.

Also keep in mind with chameleon we can and will have several components in the library that can be easily swapped out eventually so we can easily have both in core but not in the theme 😉
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Re: Ideas. Standard Style Improvements.

Post by Sandalphon »

You can always use extensions to enable dark mode, but it definitely looks cooler and more professional when the site has it already enabled. I actually find sites and apps that have it enabled already for their users really caring and innovative. I was trying to add such a feature on my domain a few weeks ago and couldn't do it. It wasn't a big deal anyway as I had to have a Website redesign done on it and add extra layers of security since I had a few DDos attacks that scared me a bit. I had the developer add some cool futures like dark mode in it and it seems to be working quite well
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Re: Ideas. Standard Style Improvements.

Post by Demonna »

Dark mode kills your sight

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