Deprecate [*] and use [li][/li] instead

These RFCs were either rejected or have been replaced by an alternative proposal. They will not be included in phpBB.
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Re: [RFC] Deprecate [*] and use [li][/li] instead

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nickvergessen wrote:
Pony99CA wrote:I suppose that depends on how good the editor is. For now, I'm still presuming that we don't have one (it's not on Area 51, so it doesn't count yet :)).
Just that this was mostly THE one argument for getting a new parser. The parser is a Blocker for the Editor and now you say we dont have an editor, so we ignore it? :P
Maybe I misunderstood the reason for the parser. I thought that the reason for the new BBCode parser was because the current one had major problems with tag nesting.

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[color=red]Red text [color=blue]Blue text[/color] More red text[/color]

Red text Blue text More red text

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