[PHP] core.get_unread_topics_modify_sql

Request hook events and what data needs to be sent for the new hook system.
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Extension Customisations
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[PHP] core.get_unread_topics_modify_sql

Post by kasimi »

I've ported parts of asinshesq's MOD View or mark unread posts. The extension needs to modify the SQL query which fetches the unread topics data in the function get_unread_topics() in /includes/functions.php, right after the $sql_array variable is assembled (in 3.1.2 after line 1692).

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 * Change SQL query for fetching unread topics data
 * @event core.get_unread_topics_modify_sql
 * @var array     sql_array    Fully assembled SQL query with keys SELECT, FROM, LEFT_JOIN, WHERE
 * @var int       last_mark    User's last_mark time
 * @var string    sql_extra    Extra WHERE SQL statement
 * @var string    sql_sort     ORDER BY SQL sorting statement
 * @since 3.1.3
$vars = array(
global $phpbb_dispatcher;
extract($phpbb_dispatcher->trigger_event('core.get_unread_topics_modify_sql', compact($vars)));

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Re: [PHP] core.get_unread_topics_modify_sql

Post by Wolfsblvt »

I have created a ticket and a pull request for that.
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