[RFC] Mass HTML email option in ACP

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Re: [RFC] Mass HTML email option in ACP

Post by Oyabun1 »

My main concern about HTML in emails is that there doesn't seem to be a universal standard for handling it. Different email clients handle it differently, so not all users will see the the email consistently. But then again, that is probably true, to an extent, for plain text emails as well.

Enabling the Admins the option of using HTML emails should be available. Allowing users to choose whether they receive plain text emails would also be an advantage, but is probably not essential, since users that are concerned about it can set their email client appropriately.
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Re: [RFC] Mass HTML email option in ACP

Post by Alien_Time »

Yeah true... There won't be consistency similar to webpages. I guess it really depends on how the HTML email is designed. For simple designs the consistency shouldn't matter much but for more complicated HTML layout, it can be distorted if not designed right. So it does depend on how the admin designs their HTML email layout. Now-a-days some of them sends responsive HTML email too that adapts to the device which can help but then again the display still depends on how the email client shows it.
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Re: [RFC] Mass HTML email option in ACP

Post by Pony99CA »

Yes, different E-mail clients may handle it differently, but that's true of browsers, too. Not all browsers display the same page identically, either.

If a user doesn't like how an HTML E-mail looks, he can switch to plain text (especially if both forms are included in the E-mail).

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