[RFC] Add greyscale to colour picker

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Re: [RFC] Add greyscale to colour picker

Post by MichaelC »

+1 to jQuery and Greyscale.
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Re: [RFC] Add greyscale to colour picker

Post by psoTFX »

So, assuming a new JS script were introduced - where should it be placed? Should it be considered style specific? Or should it be made available for all styles? Keeping in mind it would need it's own css, which would need be stored either with the "specific" style or somewhere theme non-specific depending on said outcome.
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Re: [RFC] Add greyscale to colour picker

Post by naderman »

The part that is generic should go into the assets directory for all styles. If there is a style specific part it should be separated and placed in the style. So basically you need to decide for each part where it needs to go. But ideally we keep as much as possible generically usable and un-style-specific and then simply have a small bit of glue code which makes it work in a particular style.
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Re: [RFC] Add greyscale to colour picker


how about to add a dropdown option (in javascript) ?
here is the pic:
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