The filespec class

The newly introduced files filespec class replaces the previously existing filespec class.

Passing settings to filespec class

In phpBB versions prior to 3.2, the $upload_ary and $upload_namespace were passed to the filespec class via the constructor. Since these are now retrieved via the container infrastructure, this is no longer possible. Instead, the new filespec class incorporates 2 methods for easily setting the necessary data:

  • set_upload_ary($upload_ary)

  • set_upload_namespace($namespace)

Each of these methods returns the current instance of the filespec class allowing for chained calls:


Retrieving property values

Values of filespec properties can easily be retrieved with the get() method. Simply pass the name of the property to retrieve and it will returns its value.

$filename = $filespec->get('filename');


get() will return false if the specified property does not exist or if the class was not properly initialized.

Clean file name

filespec supports several ways of cleaning the filename depending on the specified mode with the clean_filename() method. Possible modes are:

  • avatar

    Builds name based on specified prefix and ID

  • real

    Creates a lowercase name and removes some possibly troublesome characters

  • unique

    Creates unique filename without extension

  • unique_ext

    Creates unique filename with extension

Move file to location

It is possible to move the uploaded file to a specified location with the move_file() method.

move_file($destination, $overwrite = false, $skip_image_check = false, $chmod = false)

$destination: Path to move file to

$overwrite: Whether existing files should be overwritten

$skip_image_check: Whether to skip if the image is valid

$chmod: Permission mask file should be set to with chmod()