This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

  • Able to check for new module versions (modes changed/adjusted/added/removed) Icons for:
  • module enabled and displayed (common)
  • module enabled and not displayed
  • module deactivated
  • category (enabled)
  • category disabled

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

ACP Permission/Auth class

BBCode class

BBCODE FIRSTPASS BBCODE first pass class (functions for parsing messages for db storage)

Class for handling archives (compression/decompression)

Tar/tar.gz compression routine Header/checksum creation derived from, (c) Tom Horsley, 1994

Zip creation class from phpMyAdmin 2.3.0 (c) Tobias Ratschiller, Olivier Müller, Loïc Chapeaux, Marc Delisle,

Code from, Text_Diff-1.1.0 package

A class for computing three way diffs.

Code from, Text_Diff-1.1.0 package (native engine)

Code from, Text_Diff-1.1.0 package

"Inline" diff renderer.

"raw" diff renderer.

"chora (Horde)" diff renderer - similar style.

Renders a unified diff


FTP transfer class

FTP fsock transfer class

Jabber class from Flyspray project

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

mcp_logs Handling warning the users

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

mcp_main Handling mcp actions

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

mcp_notes Displays notes about a user

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

mcp_reports Handling the reports queue

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

mcp_queue Handling the moderation queue

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

mcp_reports Handling the reports queue

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

mcp_warn Handling warning the users

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.


Class handling all types of 'plugins' (a future term)

Main message parser for posting, pm, etc. takes raw message and parses it for attachments, bbcode and smilies

phpBB Hook Class

This class collects data which is used to create some usage statistics.

Questionnaire PHP data provider

Questionnaire phpBB data provider

Questionnaire System data provider

handling email and jabber queue

SMTP Class Auth Mechanisms originally taken from the AUTH Modules found within the PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR) See docs/AUTHORS for more details

Transfer class, wrapper for ftp/sftp/ssh

ucp_activate User activation

ucp_attachments User attachments

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

ucp_confirm Visual confirmation


This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

ucp_login_link Allows users of external accounts link those accounts to their phpBB accounts during an attempted login.

ucp_main UCP Front Panel

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

Private Message Class

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

ucp_prefs Changing user preferences

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

ucp_profile Changing profile settings

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

ucp_register Board registration

ucp_resend Resending activation emails

This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.


_build_hidden_fields($key, $value, $specialchar, $stripslashes)

Little helper for the build_hidden_fields function

at line 2678
_import_check($config_var, $source, $use_target)

No description

at line 539

Add the search bots into the database This code should be used in execute_last if the source database did not have bots If you are converting bots this function should not be called

at line 1810

Add any of the pre-defined "special" groups which are missing from the database

at line 1703
add_form_key(string $form_name, string $template_variable_suffix = '')

Add a secret token to the form (requires the S_FORM_TOKEN template variable)

at line 2029

No description

at line 1750

Add log entry

at line 237

Add permission language - this will make sure custom files will be included

at line 3088
add_user_group($group_id, $user_id, $group_leader = false)

Adds a user to the specified group and optionally makes them a group leader This function does not create the group if it does not exist and so should only be called after the groups have been created

at line 1111
add_warning($user_row, $warning, $send_pm = true, $post_id = 0)

Insert the warning into the database

at line 523

Header for acp pages

at line 25
append_sid(string $url, mixed $params = false, bool $is_amp = true, string $session_id = false, bool $is_route = false)

Append session id to url.

at line 1493

No description

at line 507
auto_id(int $pad = 0)

Generate a key value based on existing values

at line 146
auto_prune($forum_id, $prune_mode, $prune_flags, $prune_days, $prune_freq, $log_prune = true)

Function auto_prune(), this function now relies on passed vars

at line 2449
avatar_delete($mode, $row, $clean_db = false)

Remove avatar

at line 2223

Remove avatar also for users not having the group as default

at line 2588

No description

at line 519

custom version of nl2br which takes custom BBCodes into account

at line 1070

Build the hidden field for the recipients. Needed, as the variable is not read via $request->variable().

at line 1608
build_cfg_template($tpl_type, $key, $new_ary, $config_key, $vars)

Build configuration template for acp configuration pages

at line 240
build_hidden_fields(array $field_ary, bool $specialchar = false, bool $stripslashes = false)

Build simple hidden fields from array

at line 2712
build_select($option_ary, $option_default = false)

Build select field options in acp pages

at line 204
build_url($strip_vars = false)

Returns url from the session/current page with an re-appended SID with optionally stripping vars from the url

at line 1873
bump_topic_allowed($forum_id, $topic_bumped, $last_post_time, $topic_poster, $last_topic_poster)

Bump Topic Check - used by posting and viewtopic

at line 290

Cache moderators. Called whenever permissions are changed via admin_permissions. Changes of usernames and group names must be carried through for the moderators table.

at line 156


at line 1033
change_poster($post_info, $userdata)

Change a post's poster

at line 561
change_topic_type($action, $topic_ids)

Change Topic Type

at line 395
check_form_key(string $form_name, int $timespan = false)

Check the form key. Required for all altering actions not secured by confirm_box

at line 2078
check_rule($rules, $rule_row, $message_row, $user_id)

Check Rule against Message Information

at line 256

Delete Messages From Sentbox we are doing this here because this saves us a bunch of checks and queries

at line 227
close_report($report_id_list, $mode, $action, $pm = false)

Closes a report

at line 600
compare_table($tables, $tablename, $prefixes)

No description

at line 1451
compose_pm($id, $mode, $action, $user_folders = array())

Compose private message Called from ucp_pm with mode == 'compose'

at line 26
confirm_box(bool $check, string|array $title = '', string $hidden = '', string $html_body = 'confirm_body.html', string $u_action = '')

Build Confirm box

at line 2128
convert_bbcode($message, $convert_size = true, $extended_bbcodes = false)

No description

at line 2190
copy_dir($src, $trg, $copy_subdirs = true, $overwrite = false, $die_on_failure = true, $source_relative_path = true)

No description

at line 2360
copy_file($src, $trg, $overwrite = false, $die_on_failure = true, $source_relative_path = true)

No description

at line 2303
copy_forum_permissions(int $src_forum_id, array $dest_forum_ids, bool $clear_dest_perms = true, bool $add_log = true)

Copies permissions from one forum to others

at line 346
create_thumbnail($source, $destination, $mimetype)

Create Thumbnail

at line 617

Convert a value from days to seconds

at line 127

Return the preceding value

at line 36

Reverse the encoding of wild-carded bans

at line 311

Convert an IP address from the hexadecimal notation to normal dotted-quad notation

at line 290
decode_message(string $message, string $bbcode_uid = '')

Decode text whereby text is coming from the db and expected to be pre-parsed content We are placing this outside of the message parser because we are often in need of it...

NOTE: special chars are kept encoded

at line 470
define_action_option($hardcoded, $action_option, $action_lang, $folder)

Defining action option for message rules

at line 611
define_check_option($hardcoded, $check_option, $check_lang)

Defining check option for message rules

at line 586
define_cond_option($hardcoded, $cond_option, $rule_option, $global_rule_conditions)

Defining condition option for message rules

at line 700
define_rule_option($hardcoded, $rule_option, $rule_lang, $check_ary)

Defining rule option for message rules

at line 658
delete_attachments(string $mode, mixed $ids, bool $resync = true)

Delete Attachments

at line 537
delete_pm($user_id, $msg_ids, $folder_id)

Delete PM(s)

at line 1019
delete_post($forum_id, $topic_id, $post_id, $data, $is_soft = false, $softdelete_reason = '')

Delete Post

at line 1333
delete_posts($where_type, $where_ids, $auto_sync = true, $posted_sync = true, $post_count_sync = true, $call_delete_topics = true)

Remove post(s)

at line 905
delete_topic_shadows(int $forum_id, string $sql_more = '', bool $auto_sync = true)

Deletes shadow topics pointing to a specified forum.

at line 1202
delete_topics($where_type, $where_ids, $auto_sync = true, $post_count_sync = true, $call_delete_posts = true)

Remove topic(s)

at line 765

No description

at line 3135

Display ban options

at line 3156

Assign/Build custom bbcodes for display in screens supporting using of bbcodes The custom bbcodes buttons will be placed within the template block 'custom_tags'

at line 1082
display_forums($root_data = '', $display_moderators = true, $return_moderators = false)

Display Forums

at line 25
display_reasons($reason_id = 0)

Display reasons

at line 572

Display user activity (action forum/topic)

at line 1166

Check if downloading item is allowed

at line 321
enable_bitfield_column_flag(string $table_name, string $column_name, int $flag, string $sql_more = '')

Enables a particular flag in a bitfield column of a given table.

at line 3125

Handler for exit calls in phpBB.

at line 4368
extension_allowed(mixed $forum_id, string $extension, array $extensions)

Check if extension is allowed to be posted.

at line 1425

Extract the variables defined in a configuration file

at line 1362
file_gc(bool $exit = true)

Garbage Collection

at line 465
filelist($rootdir, $dir = '', $type = 'gif|jpg|jpeg|png|svg|webp')

Get physical file listing

at line 482

No description

at line 2500

Ensure that all users have a default group specified and update related information such as their colour

at line 2105

Closing the cache object and the database Cool function name, eh? We might want to add operations to it later

at line 4333
gen_forum_auth_level(string $mode, int $forum_id, int $forum_status)

User authorisation levels output

at line 980
gen_rand_string(int $num_chars = 8)

Generates an alphanumeric random string of given length

at line 31
gen_rand_string_friendly(int $num_chars = 8)

Generates a user-friendly alphanumeric random string of given length We remove 0 and O so users cannot confuse those in passwords etc.

at line 55
gen_sort_selects($limit_days, $sort_by_text, $sort_days, $sort_key, $sort_dir, $s_limit_days, $s_sort_key, $s_sort_dir, $u_sort_param, $def_st = false, $def_sk = false, $def_sd = false)

Generate sort selection fields

at line 48
generate_board_url(bool $without_script_path = false)

Generate board url (example:

at line 1643

Create forum navigation links for given forum, create parent list if currently null, assign basic forum info to template

at line 760

Create forum rules for given forum

at line 735
generate_smilies($mode, $forum_id)

Fill smiley templates (or just the variables) with smilies, either in a window or inline

at line 25
generate_text_for_display($text, $uid, $bitfield, $flags, $censor_text = true)

For display of custom parsed text on user-facing pages Expects $text to be the value directly from the database (stored value)

at line 557
generate_text_for_edit($text, $uid, $flags)

For decoding custom parsed text for edits as well as extracting the flags Expects $text to be the value directly from the database (pre-parsed content)

at line 759
generate_text_for_storage(string $text, string $uid, string $bitfield, int $flags, bool $allow_bbcode = false, bool $allow_urls = false, bool $allow_smilies = false, bool $allow_img_bbcode = true, bool $allow_flash_bbcode = true, bool $allow_quote_bbcode = true, bool $allow_url_bbcode = true, string $mode = 'post')

For parsing custom parsed text to be stored within the database.

at line 676
get_avatar_dim($src, $axis, $func = false, $arg1 = false, $arg2 = false)

No description

at line 786

Generates avatar filename from the database entry

at line 2254
get_avatar_height($src, $func = false, $arg1 = false, $arg2 = false)

Obtain the height of the specified avatar

at line 779
get_avatar_width($src, $func = false, $arg1 = false, $arg2 = false)

Obtain the width of the specified avatar

at line 771

Return a nicely formatted backtrace.

at line 2792

Return the bitfield calculated by the previous function

at line 1287
get_censor_preg_expression(string $word)

Generate regexp for naughty words censoring Depends on whether installed PHP version supports unicode properties

at line 2930
get_complete_topic_tracking($forum_id, $topic_ids, $global_announce_list = false)

Get topic tracking info from db (for cookie based tracking only this function is used)

at line 984

Retrieves configuration information from the source forum and caches it as an array Both database and file driven configuration formats can be handled (the type used is specified in $config_schema, see convert_phpbb20.php for more details)

at line 1180

Get old config value

at line 270
get_context(string $text, string $words, int $length = 400)

Generates a text with approx. the specified length which contains the specified words and their context

at line 328

Get database size

at line 2907
get_folder($user_id, $folder_id = false)

Get all folder

at line 120
get_folder_status($folder_id, $folder)

Get folder status

at line 1566
get_formatted_filesize(mixed $value, bool $string_only = true, array $allowed_units = false)

Return formatted string for filesizes

at line 125
get_forum_branch($forum_id, $type = 'all', $order = 'descending', $include_forum = true)

Get forum branch

at line 294
get_forum_list($acl_list = 'f_list', $id_only = true, $postable_only = false, $no_cache = false)

Obtain authed forums list

at line 221

Returns forum parents as an array. Get them from forum_data if available, or update the database otherwise

at line 853

Return the group_id for a given group name

at line 177

Get group name

at line 3468

Calculate the size of the specified image Called from the following functions for calculating the size of specific image types

at line 690
get_img_size_format($width, $height)

Calculate the needed size for Thumbnail

at line 521
get_moderators($forum_moderators, $forum_id = false)

Obtain list of moderators of each forum

at line 895
get_path($src_path, $src_url, $test_file)

No description

at line 1372
get_pm_from($folder_id, $folder, $user_id)

Get Messages from folder/user

at line 402

This function returns a regular expression pattern for commonly used expressions Use with / as delimiter for email mode and # for url modes mode can be: email|bbcode_htm|url|url_inline|www_url|www_url_inline|relative_url|relative_url_inline|ipv4|ipv6

at line 2833
get_recipient_strings(array $pm_by_id)

Generates an array of coloured recipient names from a list of PMs - (groups & users)

at line 2236
get_recipients($address_list, $num_recipients = 1)

Get number of 'num_recipients' recipients from first position

at line 1639
get_remote_avatar_dim($src, $axis)

Obtain the size of the specified remote avatar (using the cache if possible) and cache the value Whilst it's unlikely that remote avatars will be duplicated, it is possible so caching seems the best option This should only be called from a post processing step due to the possibility of network timeouts

at line 930
get_remote_file($host, $directory, $filename, $errstr, $errno, $port = 80, $timeout = 6)

Retrieve contents from remotely stored file

at line 208
get_smiley_dim($source, $axis)

Obtain the size of the specified smilie (using the cache if possible) and cache the value

at line 729

No description

at line 2492

Obtain the height of the specified smilie

at line 721

Obtain the width of the specified smilie

at line 713
get_supported_image_types($type = false)

Return supported image types

at line 547

Get tables of a database

at line 395
get_topic_tracking($forum_id, $topic_ids, $rowset, $forum_mark_time, $global_announce_list = false)

Get topic tracking info by using already fetched info

at line 940
get_unread_topics(int $user_id = false, string $sql_extra = '', string $sql_sort = '', string $sql_limit = 1001, string $sql_limit_offset = 0)

Get list of unread topics

at line 1099
get_upload_avatar_dim($source, $axis)

Obtain the size of the specified uploaded avatar (using the cache if possible) and cache the value

at line 836
get_user_avatar(string $avatar, int $avatar_type, string $avatar_width, string $avatar_height, string $alt = 'USER_AVATAR', bool $ignore_config = false, bool $lazy = false)

Get user avatar

at line 37
get_user_information($user_id, $user_row)

Get user information (only for message display)

at line 412
get_user_rank(int $user_rank, int $user_posts, string $rank_title, string $rank_img, string $rank_img_src)

Get user rank title and image

at line 189
get_username_string(string $mode, int $user_id, string $username, string $username_colour = '', string $guest_username = false, string $custom_profile_url = false)

Get username details for placing into templates.

at line 1513
group_correct_avatar($group_id, $old_entry)

Changes a group avatar's filename to conform to the naming scheme

at line 2564
group_create($group_id, $type, $name, $desc, $group_attributes, $allow_desc_bbcode = false, $allow_desc_urls = false, $allow_desc_smilies = false)

Add or edit a group. If we're editing a group we only update user parameters such as rank, etc. if they are changed

at line 2295
group_delete($group_id, $group_name = false)

Group Delete

at line 2603
group_memberships($group_id_ary = false, $user_id_ary = false, $return_bool = false)

Obtain either the members of a specified group, the groups the specified user is subscribed to or checking if a specified user is in a specified group. This function does not return pending memberships.

at line 3496
group_select_options(int $group_id, array $exclude_ids = false, int $manage_founder = false)

Generate list of groups (option fields without select)

at line 188
group_set_user_default($group_id, $user_id_ary, $group_attributes = false, $update_listing = false)

Set users default group

at line 3319

Re-cache moderators and foes if group has a or m permissions

at line 3562
group_user_add($group_id, $user_id_ary = false, $username_ary = false, $group_name = false, $default = false, $leader = 0, $pending = 0, $group_attributes = false)

Add user(s) to group

at line 2715
group_user_attributes($action, $group_id, $user_id_ary = false, $username_ary = false, $group_name = false, $group_attributes = false)

This is used to promote (to leader), demote or set as default a member/s

at line 3102
group_user_del($group_id, $user_id_ary = false, $username_ary = false, $group_name = false, $log_action = true)

Remove a user/s from a given group. When we remove users we update their default group_id. We do this by examining which "special" groups they belong to. The selection is made based on a reasonable priority system

at line 2858
group_validate_groupname($group_id, $group_name)

A small version of validate_username to check for a group name's existence. To be called directly.

at line 3271
h_radio($name, $input_ary, $input_default = false, $id = false, $key = false, $separator = '')

Build radio fields in acp pages

at line 221
handle_mark_actions($user_id, $mark_action)

Handle all actions possible with marked messages

at line 945
handle_message_list_actions($address_list, $error, $remove_u, $remove_g, $add_to, $add_bcc)

For composing messages, handle list actions

at line 1408

Get a browser friendly UTF-8 encoded filename

at line 301
import_attachment($source, $use_target = false)

No description

at line 576
import_attachment_files($category_name = '')

No description

at line 483
import_avatar($source, $use_target = false, $user_id = false)

No description

at line 657
import_rank($source, $use_target = false)

No description

at line 618
import_smiley($source, $use_target = false)

No description

at line 636

Return the next value

at line 44
installer_class_loader(string $phpbb_root_path, string $phpEx)

Register class loaders for installer

at line 127
installer_msg_handler($errno, $msg_text, $errfile, $errline)

No description

at line 50
installer_shutdown_function(int $display_errors)

Installer shutdown function. Tries to resolve errors that might have occured during execution of installer

at line 145

Function to mimic php's empty() function (it is the same)

at line 80

Convert a boolean into the appropriate phpBB constant indicating whether the item is locked

at line 119

Return whether the value is positive

at line 52

Convert a boolean into the appropriate phpBB constant indicating whether the topic is locked

at line 212

Determine whether a user is anonymous and return the appropriate new user_id

at line 135
language_select(string $default = '', array $langdata = [])

Pick a language, any language .

at line 273
load_drafts($topic_id = 0, $forum_id = 0, $id = 0, $pm_action = '', $msg_id = 0)

Load Drafts

at line 910
lock_unlock($action, $ids)

Lock/Unlock Topic/Post

at line 291
login_box($redirect = '', $l_explain = '', $l_success = '', $admin = false, $s_display = true)

Generate login box or verify password

at line 2275

Generate forum login box

at line 2581
mail_encode(string $str, string $eol = "\r\n")

Encodes the given string for proper display in UTF-8 or US-ASCII.

at line 1855
make_clickable(string $text, bool|string $server_url = false, string $class = 'postlink')

Replaces magic urls of form, and [email protected].

at line 934
make_clickable_callback($type, $whitespace, $url, $relative_url, $class)

A subroutine of make_clickable used with preg_replace It places correct HTML around an url, shortens the displayed text and makes sure no entities are inside URLs

at line 801
make_forum_select($select_id = false, $ignore_id = false, $ignore_acl = false, $ignore_nonpost = false, $ignore_emptycat = true, $only_acl_post = false, $return_array = false)

Simple version of jumpbox, just lists authed forums

at line 66
make_jumpbox($action, $forum_id = false, $select_all = false, $acl_list = false, $force_display = false)

Generate Jumpbox

at line 151

Generate a bbcode_uid value

at line 220

Index messages on the fly as we convert them

at line 1070
mark_folder_read($user_id, $folder_id)

No description

at line 924
markread(string $mode, int|bool $forum_id = false, int|bool $topic_id = false, int $post_time = 0, int $user_id = 0)

Marks a topic/forum as read Marks a topic as posted to

at line 546
mass_auth(string $ug_type, mixed $forum_id, mixed $ug_id, mixed $acl_list, int $setting = ACL_NO)

Grant permissions to a specified user or group

at line 1483
mcp_delete_post($post_ids, $is_soft = false, $soft_delete_reason = '', $action = 'delete_post')

Delete Posts

at line 1084
mcp_delete_topic($topic_ids, $is_soft = false, $soft_delete_reason = '', $action = 'delete_topic')

Delete Topics

at line 882

Fork Topic

at line 1331
mcp_forum_view($id, $mode, $action, $forum_info)

MCP Forum View

at line 25
mcp_front_view($id, $mode, $action)

MCP Front Panel

at line 25

Move Topic

at line 531
mcp_post_details($id, $mode, $action)

Handling actions in post details screen

at line 25

Restore Topics

at line 803

Resync topics

at line 380
mcp_topic_view($id, $mode, $action)

View topic in MCP

at line 25
merge_posts($topic_id, $to_topic_id)

Merge selected posts into selected topic

at line 799
merge_topics($forum_id, $topic_ids, $to_topic_id)

Merge selected topics into selected topic

at line 428
message_history($msg_id, $user_id, $message_row, $folder, $in_post_mode = false)

Display Message History

at line 1953
message_options($id, $mode, $global_privmsgs_rules, $global_rule_conditions)

Execute message options

at line 25
meta_refresh(int $time, string $url, bool $disable_cd_check = false)

Meta refresh assignment Adds META template variable with meta http tag.

at line 1902

Determine the MIME-type of a specified filename This does not actually inspect the file, but simply uses the file extension

at line 320

Convert a value from minutes to hours

at line 169
move_pm($user_id, $message_limit, $move_msg_ids, $dest_folder, $cur_folder_id)

Move PM from one to another folder

at line 776
move_posts($post_ids, $topic_id, $auto_sync = true)

Move post(s)

at line 636
move_topics($topic_ids, $forum_id, $auto_sync = true)

Move topic(s)

at line 530
msg_handler($errno, $msg_text, $errfile, $errline)

Error and message handler, call with trigger_error if read

at line 3025

Boolean inverse of the value

at line 60

Convert nulls to empty strings for fields which allowed a NULL value in the source but not the destination

at line 260

Convert nulls to zeros for fields which allowed a NULL value in the source but not the destination

at line 252

Return number of private message recipients

at line 1624
obtain_guest_count(int $item_id = 0, string $item = 'forum')

Queries the session table to get information about online guests

at line 3312
obtain_users_online(int $item_id = 0, string $item = 'forum')

Queries the session table to get information about online users

at line 3360
obtain_users_online_string(mixed $online_users, int $item_id = 0, string $item = 'forum')

Uses the result of obtain_users_online to generate a localized, readable representation.

at line 3424
page_header($page_title = '', $display_online_list = false, $item_id = 0, $item = 'forum', $send_headers = true)

Generate page header

at line 3772
parse_attachments(mixed $forum_id, string $message, array $attachments, array $update_count_ary, bool $preview = false)

General attachment parsing

at line 1115
parse_cfg_file($filename, $lines = false)

Parse cfg file

at line 2730
path($path, $path_relative = true)

No description

at line 1333

No description

at line 1895
phpbb_add_quickmod_option(string $url, string $option, string $lang_string)

Add an option to the quick-mod tools.

at line 1647

Convert the attachment category constants This is only used if the Attachment MOD was installed

at line 1391

Convert the attachment extension names This is only used if the Attachment MOD was installed

at line 1411

Obtain list of forums in which different attachment categories can be used

at line 1459

Returns an explanation string with maximum avatar settings

at line 2277

Convert the avatar type constants

at line 1505
phpbb_build_hidden_fields_for_query_params(request $request, array $exclude = null)

Converts query string (GET) parameters in request into hidden fields.

at line 830
phpbb_bump_topic(int $forum_id, int $topic_id, array $post_data, int $bump_time = false)

Handle topic bumping

at line 2657
phpbb_cache_moderators(driver_interface $db, driver_interface $cache, auth $auth)

Cache moderators. Called whenever permissions are changed via admin_permissions. Changes of usernames and group names must be carried through for the moderators table.

at line 2496
phpbb_check_and_display_sql_report(request_interface $request, auth $auth, driver_interface $db)

Check and display the SQL report if requested.

at line 4190
phpbb_check_hash(string $password, string $hash)

Check for correct password

at line 78
phpbb_check_ids(array $ids, string $table, string $sql_id, array $acl_list = false, mixed $single_forum = false)

Validate ids

at line 703

No description

at line 1817
phpbb_checkdnsrr(string $host, string $type = 'MX')

Wrapper for php's checkdnsrr function.

at line 623
phpbb_chmod(string $filename, int $perms = CHMOD_READ)

Global function for chmodding directories and files for internal use

at line 427
phpbb_clean_path(string $path)

Eliminates useless . and .. components from specified path.

at line 97
phpbb_clean_search_string(string $search_string)

Cleans a search string by removing single wildcards from it and replacing multiple spaces with a single one.

at line 450

Convert authentication user, group and forum table has to be filled in order to work

at line 560

Convert the group name, making sure to avoid conflicts with 3.0 special groups

at line 1138

Convert the group type constants

at line 1160

No description

at line 1935

No description

at line 1886

Convert the topic type constants

at line 1184

Copy thumbnails of uploaded images from the 2.0.x forum This is only used if the Attachment MOD was installed

at line 1358

Checks whether there are any usernames on the old board that would map to the same username_clean on phpBB3. Prints out a list if any exist and exits.

at line 1751
phpbb_delete_user_pms(int $user_id)

Delete all PM(s) for a given user and delete the ones without references

at line 873
phpbb_delete_users_pms(array $user_ids)

Delete all PM(s) for given users and delete the ones without references

at line 1189

Adjust 2.0.x disallowed names to 3.0.x format

at line 1740
phpbb_download_check_pm_auth(driver_interface $db, int $user_id, int $msg_id)

Checks whether a user can download from a particular PM

at line 746
phpbb_download_handle_forum_auth(driver_interface $db, auth $auth, int $topic_id)

Handles authentication when downloading attachments from a post or topic

at line 655
phpbb_download_handle_pm_auth(driver_interface $db, auth $auth, int $user_id, int $msg_id)

Handles authentication when downloading attachments from PMs

at line 706
phpbb_email_hash(string $email)

Hashes an email address to a big integer

at line 673
phpbb_extra_url(array $additional_parameters = [])

Generate URL parameters for MCP modules

at line 93
phpbb_filter_root_path(string $errfile)

Removes absolute path to phpBB root directory from error messages and converts backslashes to forward slashes.

at line 3284

Searches for HTTP range request in request headers.

at line 518
phpbb_format_quote(language $language, parse_message $message_parser, utils_interface $text_formatter_utils, bool $bbcode_status, array $quote_attributes, string $message_link = '')

Formats the quote according to the given BBCode status setting

at line 1792
phpbb_format_timezone_offset(int $tz_offset, bool $show_null = false)

Format the timezone offset with hours and minutes

at line 340

Set forum flags - only prune old polls by default

at line 26
phpbb_generate_debug_output(driver_interface $db, config $config, auth $auth, user $user, dispatcher_interface $phpbb_dispatcher)

Generate the debug output string

at line 4210
phpbb_generate_string_list(array $items, object $user)

Concatenate an array into a string list.

at line 1667
phpbb_get_avatar(array $row, string $alt, bool $ignore_config = false, bool $lazy = false)

Get avatar

at line 3696

Find out about the avatar's dimensions

at line 1569

Find out about the avatar's dimensions

at line 1584
phpbb_get_banned_user_ids(array $user_ids = array(), bool|int $ban_end = true)

Gets user ids of currently banned registered users.

at line 3704
phpbb_get_birthday($birthday = '')

Convert Birthday from Birthday MOD to phpBB Format

at line 436
phpbb_get_board_contact(config $config, string $phpEx)

Get the board contact details (e.g. for emails)

at line 4425

Obtain the path to uploaded files on the 2.0.x forum This is only used if the Attachment MOD was installed

at line 1314
phpbb_get_forum_data($forum_id, $acl_list = 'f_list', $read_tracking = false)

Get simple forum data

at line 303
phpbb_get_group_avatar(array $group_row, string $alt = 'GROUP_AVATAR', bool $ignore_config = false, bool $lazy = false)

Get group avatar

at line 3680
phpbb_get_install_redirect(string $phpbb_root_path, string $phpEx)

Returns the install redirect path for phpBB.

at line 1824
phpbb_get_max_setting_from_group(driver_interface $db, int $user_id, string $setting)

Get the maximum PM setting for the groups of the user

at line 2206
phpbb_get_num_ips_for_poster(driver_interface $db, int $poster_id)

Get the number of ips for a given poster

at line 546
phpbb_get_num_posters_for_ip(driver_interface $db, string $poster_ip)

Get the number of posters for a given ip

at line 527
phpbb_get_plural_form(int $rule, int|float $number)

Determine which plural form we should use.

at line 498

Get simple pm data

at line 357
phpbb_get_post_data($post_ids, $acl_list = false, $read_tracking = false)

Get simple post data

at line 208

Obtain the folder_id for the custom folder created to replace the savebox from 2.0.x (used to store saved private messages)

at line 1624
phpbb_get_timezone_identifiers(string $selected_timezone)

Return list of timezone identifiers We also add the selected timezone if we can create an object with it.

at line 421
phpbb_get_topic_data($topic_ids, $acl_list = false, $read_tracking = false)

Get simple topic data

at line 119
phpbb_get_user_avatar(array $user_row, string $alt = 'USER_AVATAR', bool $ignore_config = false, bool $lazy = false)

Get user avatar

at line 3664
phpbb_get_user_rank(array $user_data, int $user_posts)

Get user rank title and image

at line 1499
phpbb_gmgetdate(int $time = false)

Wrapper for getdate() which returns the equivalent array for UTC timestamps.

at line 102
phpbb_handle_post_delete(int $forum_id, int $topic_id, int $post_id, array $post_data, bool $is_soft = false, string $delete_reason = '')

Do the various checks required for removing posts as well as removing it

at line 2786
phpbb_hash(string $password)

Hash the password

at line 59
phpbb_http_byte_range(int $filesize)

HTTP range support (RFC 2616 Section 14.35)

at line 493
phpbb_http_login(array $param)

Login using http authenticate.

at line 718

Transfer attachment specific configuration options These were not stored in the main config table on 2.0.x This is only used if the Attachment MOD was installed

at line 1646

Transfer avatars, copying the image if it was uploaded

at line 1538

Calculate the reason a user became inactive We can't actually tell the difference between a manual deactivation and one for profile changes from the data available to assume the latter

at line 1720

Calculate the date a user became inactive

at line 1698
phpbb_include_updated($path, $phpbb_root_path, $optional = false)

No description

at line 35
phpbb_increment_downloads(driver_interface $db, array|int $ids)

Increments the download count of all provided attachments

at line 633

No description

at line 641
phpbb_inet_pton(string $address)

Wrapper for inet_pton()

at line 659
phpbb_insert_config_array(array $display_vars, array $add_config_vars, array $where)

Inserts new config display_vars into an exisiting display_vars array at the given position.

at line 719

Insert/Convert forums

at line 55
phpbb_ip_normalise(string $address)

Normalises an internet protocol address, also checks whether the specified address is valid.

at line 2998
phpbb_is_absolute(string $path)

Checks if a path ($path) is absolute or relative

at line 469
phpbb_is_greater_ie_version(string $user_agent, int $version)

Check if the browser is internet explorer version 7+

at line 771
phpbb_is_writable(string $file)

Test if a file/directory is writable

at line 454
phpbb_load_extensions_autoloaders(string $phpbb_root_path)

Load the autoloaders added by the extensions.

at line 683
phpbb_mail($to, $subject, $msg, $headers, $eol, $err_msg)

Wrapper for sending out emails with the PHP's mail function

at line 1927
phpbb_mcp_sorting($mode, $sort_days_val, $sort_key_val, $sort_dir_val, $sort_by_sql_ary, $sort_order_sql, $total_val, $forum_id = 0, $topic_id = 0, $where_sql = 'WHERE')

sorting in mcp

at line 401
phpbb_module__url($mode, $module_row)

Functions used to generate additional URL paramters

at line 25
phpbb_module_ban_url($mode, $module_row)

No description

at line 71
phpbb_module_logs_url($mode, $module_row)

No description

at line 66
phpbb_module_main_url($mode, $module_row)

No description

at line 61
phpbb_module_notes_url($mode, $module_row)

No description

at line 30
phpbb_module_queue_url($mode, $module_row)

No description

at line 76
phpbb_module_reports_url($mode, $module_row)

No description

at line 81
phpbb_module_warn_url($mode, $module_row)

No description

at line 41
phpbb_module_zebra($mode, $module_row)

Function for assigning a template var if the zebra module got included

at line 3750
phpbb_mt_rand(int $min, int $max)

Wrapper for mt_rand() which allows swapping $min and $max parameters.

at line 89

Calculate whether a private message was new using the bitfield

at line 1616
phpbb_optionget(int $bit, int $data)

Get option bitfield from custom data

at line 3578
phpbb_optionset(int $bit, bool $set, int $data)

Set option bitfield

at line 3592
phpbb_parse_range_request(array $request_array, int $filesize)

Analyses a range request array.

at line 552

No description

at line 511

Determine the last user to edit a post In practice we only tracked edits by the original poster in 2.0.x so this will only be set if they had edited their own post

at line 1298

Reparse the message stripping out the bbcode_uid values and adding new ones and setting the bitfield

at line 1217

Calculate the correct to_address field for private messages

at line 1600
phpbb_quoteattr(string $data, array $entities = null)

Escapes and quotes a string for use as an HTML/XML attribute value.

at line 3620

A wrapper for realpath

at line 481

No description

at line 1208

Returns the HTTP version used in the current request.

at line 1969
phpbb_require_updated($path, $phpbb_root_path, $optional = false)

No description

at line 20

Same as phpbb_set_encoding, but forcing boards default language

at line 428
phpbb_set_encoding(string $text, bool $grab_user_lang = true)

Function for recoding text with the default language

at line 323

Set primary group.

at line 1114
phpbb_show_profile($data, $user_notes_enabled = false, $warn_user_enabled = false, $check_can_receive_pm = true)

Prepare profile data

at line 1576

Just undos the replacing of '<' and '>'

at line 1529
phpbb_sort_last_active($first, $second)

No description

at line 1715
phpbb_style_is_active(int $style_id)

Verifies whether a style ID corresponds to an active style.

at line 2205
phpbb_timezone_select(template $template, user $user, string $default = '', bool $truncate = false)

Options to pick a timezone and date/time

at line 452
phpbb_to_numeric(string $input)

Casts a numeric string $input to an appropriate numeric type (i.e. integer or float)

at line 4413

Return correct user id value Everyone's id will be one higher to allow the guest/anonymous user to have a positive id as well

at line 545
phpbb_tz_select_compare($a, $b)

Compares two time zone labels.

at line 363

Calculate whether a private message was unread using the bitfield

at line 1608
phpbb_update_foes(driver_interface $db, auth $auth, array|bool $group_id = false, array|bool $user_id = false)

Removes moderators and administrators from foe lists.

at line 2706
phpbb_upload_popup($forum_style = 0)

Show upload popup (progress bar)

at line 2752

Return correct user id value Everyone's id will be one higher to allow the guest/anonymous user to have a positive id as well

at line 475

Handler for init calls in phpBB. This function is called in \phpbb\user::setup(); This function supports hooks.

at line 4390
phpbb_validate_email(string $email, $config = null)

Check to see if email address is a valid address and contains a MX record

at line 1894
phpbb_validate_hex_colour(string $colour, bool $optional = false)

Validate hex colour value

at line 2184
phpbb_validate_timezone(string $timezone)

Validate Timezone Name

at line 1715
phpbb_version_compare(string $version1, string $version2, string $operator = null)

Wrapper for version_compare() that allows using uppercase A and B for alpha and beta releases.

at line 248
place_pm_into_folder($global_privmsgs_rules, $release = false)

Place new messages into appropriate folder

at line 412
posting_gen_attachment_entry(array $attachment_data, string $filename_data, bool $show_attach_box = true, mixed $forum_id = false)

Generate inline attachment entry

at line 824

Assign Inline attachments (build option fields)

at line 794
posting_gen_topic_icons($mode, $icon_id)

Generate Topic Icons for display

at line 421
posting_gen_topic_types($forum_id, $cur_topic_type = POST_NORMAL)

Build topic types able to be selected

at line 463
prune($forum_id, $prune_mode, $prune_date, $prune_flags = 0, $auto_sync = true, $prune_limit = 0)

Prune function

at line 2333
reapply_sid($url, $is_route = false)

Re-Apply session id after page reloads

at line 1845

Rebuild message header

at line 1387
recalc_nested_sets(int $new_id, string $pkey, string $table, int $parent_id = 0, array $where = array())

Recalculate Nested Sets

at line 31
redirect(string $url, bool $return = false, bool $disable_cd_check = false)

Redirects the user to another page then exits the script nicely This function is intended for urls within the board. It's not meant to redirect to cross-domains.

at line 1708

Sets compatibility globals in the global scope

at line 36
relative_base($path, $is_relative = true, $line = false, $file = false)

No description

at line 2472

Obtain the dimensions of all remotely hosted avatars This should only be called from execute_last There can be significant network overhead if there are a large number of remote avatars

at line 386
remove_default_avatar($group_id, $user_ids)

Removes the group avatar of the default group from the users in user_ids who have that group as default.

at line 3023
remove_default_rank($group_id, $user_ids)

Removes the group rank of the default group from the users in user_ids who have that group as default.

at line 3064

Cleanly remove invalid user entries after converting the users table.

at line 2167
remove_newly_registered(int $user_id, mixed $user_data = false)

Funtion to make a user leave the NEWLY_REGISTERED system group.

at line 3633
request_var(mixed $var_name, mixed $default, bool $multibyte = false, bool $cookie = false, request_interface|null|false $request = null)

Wrapper function of \phpbb\request\request::variable which exists for backwards compatability.

at line 358

Transfers the relevant configuration information from the source forum The mapping of fields is specified in $config_schema, see convert_phpbb20.php for more details

at line 1268
send_avatar_to_browser($file, $browser)

A simplified function to deliver avatars The argument needs to be checked before calling this function.

at line 26
send_file_to_browser($attachment, $upload_dir, $category)

Send file to browser

at line 125
send_status_line(int $code, string $message)

Outputs correct status line header.

at line 1947
set_config(string $config_name, string $config_value, bool $is_dynamic = false, config $set_config = null)

Sets a configuration option's value.

at line 285
set_config_count(string $config_name, int $increment, bool $is_dynamic = false, config $set_config = null)

Increments an integer config value directly in the database.

at line 315
set_modified_headers($stamp, $browser)

Check if the browser has the file already and set the appropriate headers-

at line 433

Set correct users max messages in PM folder.

at line 2186

No description

at line 1007

Convert a boolean into the appropriate phpBB constant indicating whether the user is active

at line 161
set_var($result, $var, $type, $multibyte = false)

Casts a variable to the given type.

at line 521
short_ipv6($ip, $length)

Returns the first block of the specified IPv6 address and as many additional ones as specified in the length parameter.

at line 2950
show_defined_rules($user_id, $check_lang, $rule_lang, $action_lang, $folder)

Display defined message rules

at line 850

Generate size select options

at line 161
smiley_text($text, $force_option = false)

Smiley processing

at line 1081
smtpmail($addresses, $subject, $message, $err_msg, $headers = false)

Replacement or substitute for PHP's mail command

at line 1088

No description

at line 369

No description

at line 126

No description

at line 175

No description

at line 300

No description

at line 234
split_topic($action, $topic_id, $to_forum_id, $subject)

Split topic

at line 486
still_on_time($extra_time = 15)

Determine whether we are approaching the maximum execution time. Should be called once at the beginning of the script in which it's used.

at line 207
str_to_bool(string $str)

Convert a textual value to it's equivalent boolean value

at line 71
str_to_primary_group(string $status)

Convert the name of a user's primary group to the appropriate equivalent phpBB group id

at line 91
strip_bbcode($text, $uid = '')

Strips all bbcode from a text in place

at line 529
style_select(string $default = '', bool $all = false, array $styledata = [])

Pick a template/theme combo

at line 306
submit_pm($mode, $subject, $data_ary, $put_in_outbox = true)

Submit PM

at line 1599
submit_post($mode, $subject, $username, $topic_type, $poll_ary, $data_ary, $update_message = true, $update_search_index = true)

Submit Post

at line 1622
sync($mode, $where_type = '', $where_ids = '', $resync_parents = false, $sync_extra = false)

All-encompasing sync function

at line 1325
sync_post_count($offset, $limit)

Sync post count. We might need to do this in batches.

at line 1786

Tidy database, doing some maintanance tasks

at line 3051

No description

at line 3009
topic_review($topic_id, $forum_id, $mode = 'topic_review', $cur_post_id = 0, $show_quote_button = true)

Topic Review

at line 1039
topic_status($topic_row, $replies, $unread_topic, $folder_img, $folder_alt, $topic_type)

Generate topic status

at line 1009

Transform an array into a serialized format

at line 1353
tracking_unserialize($string, $max_depth = 3)

Transform a serialized array into an actual array

at line 1373
truncate_string(string $string, int $max_length = 60, int $max_store_length = 255, bool $allow_reply = false, string $append = '')

Truncates string while retaining special characters if going over the max length The default max length is 60 at the moment The maximum storage length is there to fit the string within the given length. The string may be further truncated due to html entities.

at line 1449
tz_select(string $default = '', bool $truncate = false)

Pick a timezone

at line 141

Return unique id

at line 73

Update any dynamic configuration variables after the conversion is finished

at line 1936
update_foes(array|bool $group_id = false, array|bool $user_id = false)

Removes moderators and administrators from foe lists.

at line 170

Update the count of PM's in custom folders for all users

at line 1313
update_forum_tracking_info(int $forum_id, int $forum_last_post_time, int $f_mark_time = false, int $mark_time_forum = false)

Check for read forums and update topic tracking info accordingly

at line 1245

Get latest registered username and update database to reflect it

at line 98

Update user PM count

at line 368
update_post_information(string $type, mixed $ids, bool $return_update_sql = false)

Update last post information Should be used instead of sync() if only the last post information are out of sync... faster

at line 257

Update/Sync posted information for topics

at line 1256

Updates topics_posted entries

at line 2027

Update the count of unread private messages for all users

at line 1681
update_unread_status($unread, $msg_id, $user_id, $folder_id)

Update unread message status

at line 874
upload_attachment(string $form_name, int $forum_id, bool $local = false, string $local_storage = '', bool $is_message = false, array $local_filedata = false)

Upload Attachment - filedata is generated here Uses upload class

at line 594
user_active_flip(string $mode, array $user_id_ary, int $reason = INACTIVE_MANUAL)

Flips user_type from active to inactive and vice versa, handles group membership updates

at line 803
user_add(mixed $user_row, array $cp_data = false, array $notifications_data = null)

Adds an user

at line 185
user_ban(string $mode, mixed $ban, int $ban_len, string $ban_len_other, bool $ban_exclude, string $ban_reason, string $ban_give_reason = '')

Add a ban or ban exclusion to the banlist. Bans either a user, an IP or an email address

at line 927
user_delete(string $mode, mixed $user_ids, bool $retain_username = true)

Delete user(s) and their related data

at line 433
user_get_id_name(array $user_id_ary, array $username_ary, mixed $user_type = false, bool $update_references = false)

Obtain user_ids from usernames or vice versa. Returns false on success else the error string

at line 32
user_group_auth(string $group, string $select_query, bool $use_src_db)

Add users to the pre-defined "special" groups

at line 1132
user_ipwhois(string $ip)

Internet Protocol Address Whois RFC3912: WHOIS Protocol Specification

at line 1458
user_unban($mode, $ban)

Unban User

at line 1352
user_update_name(string $old_name, string $new_name)

Updates a username across all relevant tables/fields

at line 125
utf8_basename(string $filename)

UTF8-safe basename() function

at line 1451
utf8_case_fold(string $text, string $option = 'full')

Case folds a unicode string as per Unicode 5.0, section 3.13

at line 556
utf8_case_fold_nfc(string $text, string $option = 'full')

Assume the input is NFC: Takes the input and does a "special" case fold. It does minor normalization as well.

at line 1194
utf8_case_fold_nfkc(string $text, string $option = 'full')

Takes the input and does a "special" case fold. It does minor normalization and returns NFKC compatable text

at line 604
utf8_chr(int $cp)

Converts an NCR to a UTF-8 char

at line 498
utf8_clean_string(string $text)

This function is used to generate a "clean" version of a string.

at line 1338

Trying to convert returned system message to utf8

at line 1375
utf8_decode_ncr(string $text)

Convert Numeric Character References to UTF-8 chars

at line 528
utf8_decode_ncr_callback(array $m)

Callback used in decode_ncr()

at line 542
utf8_encode_ncr(string $text)

Replace all UTF-8 chars that are not in ASCII with their NCR using their Numeric Character Reference's Hexadecimal notation.

at line 443
utf8_encode_ncr_callback(array $m)

Callback used in utf8_encode_ncr() and utf8_encode_ucr()

at line 456
utf8_encode_ucr(string $text)

Replace some special UTF-8 chars that are not in ASCII with their UCR.

at line 431

A wrapper for htmlspecialchars($value, ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8')

at line 1364
utf8_normalize_nfc(mixed $strings)

wrapper around PHP's native normalizer from intl previously a PECL extension, included in the core since PHP 5.3.0

at line 1281
utf8_ord(string $chr)

Converts a UTF-8 char to an NCR

at line 467
utf8_recode(string $string, string $encoding)

Recode a string to UTF-8

at line 203
utf8_str_split(string $str, int $split_len = 1)

UTF-8 aware alternative to str_split Convert a string to an array

at line 127

Return the length (in characters) of a UTF-8 string

at line 113
utf8_strpos($str, $needle, $offset = null)

UTF-8 aware alternative to strpos

at line 63
utf8_strrpos($str, $needle, $offset = null)

UTF-8 aware alternative to strrpos

at line 41
utf8_strspn($str, $mask, $start = null, $length = null)

UTF-8 aware alternative to strspn Find length of initial segment matching the mask

at line 150

UTF-8 aware alternative to strtolower

at line 79

UTF-8 aware alternative to strtoupper

at line 88
utf8_substr($str, $offset, $length = null)

UTF-8 aware alternative to substr

at line 97
utf8_ucfirst(string $str)

UTF-8 aware alternative to ucfirst Make a string's first character uppercase

at line 175
utf8_wordwrap(string $string, int $width = 75, string $break = "\n", bool $cut = false)

UTF8-compatible wordwrap replacement

at line 1399
validate_config_vars($config_vars, $cfg_array, $error)

Going through a config array and validate values, writing errors to $error. The validation method accepts parameters separated by ':' for string and int.

at line 412
validate_data($data, $val_ary)

Data validation ... used primarily but not exclusively by ucp modules

at line 1527
validate_date(string $date_string, bool $optional = false)

Validate Date

at line 1620

Validate jabber address Taken from the jabber class within flyspray (see author notes)

at line 1979
validate_language_iso_name(string $lang_iso)

Validate Language Pack ISO Name

at line 1690
validate_match($string, $optional = false, $match = '')

Validate Match

at line 1659
validate_num($num, $optional = false, $min = 0, $max = 1.0E+99)

Validate Number

at line 1595

Check to see if the password meets the complexity settings

at line 1839
validate_range($value_ary, $error)

Checks whatever or not a variable is OK for use in the Database param mixed $value_ary An array of the form array(array('lang' => ..., 'value' => ..., 'column_type' =>))' param mixed $error The error array

at line 652
validate_string($string, $optional = false, $min = 0, $max = 0)

Validate String

at line 1571
validate_user_email(string $email, string $allowed_email = false)

Check to see if email address is banned or already present in the DB

at line 1931
validate_username($username, $allowed_username = false, $allow_all_names = false)

No description

at line 1734

Validate a website address

at line 236
view_folder($id, $mode, $folder_id, $folder)

View message folder Called from ucp_pm with mode == 'view' && action == 'view_folder'

at line 26
view_inactive_users($users, $user_count, $limit = 0, $offset = 0, $limit_days = 0, $sort_by = 'user_inactive_time DESC')

Lists inactive users

at line 2818
view_log(string $mode, array $log, mixed $log_count, int $limit = 0, int $offset = 0, mixed $forum_id = 0, int $topic_id = 0, int $user_id = 0, int $limit_days = 0, string $sort_by = 'l.log_time DESC', string $keywords = '')

View log

at line 2685
view_message($id, $mode, $folder_id, $msg_id, $folder, $message_row)

View private message

at line 25
view_warned_users($users, $user_count, $limit = 0, $offset = 0, $limit_days = 0, $sort_by = 'user_warnings DESC')

Lists warned users

at line 2880
watch_topic_forum($mode, $s_watching, $user_id, $forum_id, $topic_id, $notify_status = 'unset', $start = 0, $item_title = '')

Topic and forum watching common code

at line 1300

No description

at line 1092
wrap_img_in_html($src, $title)

Wraps an url into a simple html page. Used to display attachments in IE.

at line 105
write_pm_addresses($check_ary, $author_id, $plaintext = false)

Print out/assign recipient information

at line 1421