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* recaptcha [English]
* @package language
* @version $Id$
* @copyright (c) 2009 phpBB Group
* @license GNU Public License

if (!defined('IN_PHPBB'))

if (empty($lang) || !is_array($lang))
$lang = array();

// All language files should use UTF-8 as their encoding and the files must not contain a BOM.
// Placeholders can now contain order information, e.g. instead of
// 'Page %s of %s' you can (and should) write 'Page %1$s of %2$s', this allows
// translators to re-order the output of data while ensuring it remains correct
// You do not need this where single placeholders are used, e.g. 'Message %d' is fine
// equally where a string contains only two placeholders which are used to wrap text
// in a url you again do not need to specify an order e.g., 'Click %sHERE%s' is fine

$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
'RECAPTCHA_NOT_AVAILABLE' => 'In order to use reCaptcha, you must create an account on <a href=""></a>.',
'CAPTCHA_RECAPTCHA' => 'reCaptcha',
'RECAPTCHA_INCORRECT' => 'The visual confirmation code you submitted was incorrect',

'RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC' => 'Public reCaptcha key',
'RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_EXPLAIN' => 'Your public reCaptcha key. Keys can be obtained on <a href=""></a>.',
'RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE' => 'Private reCaptcha key',
'RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_EXPLAIN' => 'Your private reCaptcha key. Keys can be obtained on <a href=""></a>.',

'RECAPTCHA_EXPLAIN' => 'In an effort to prevent automatic submissions, we require that you enter both of the words displayed into the text field underneath.',