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Get Involved

You can help the project in many ways. Pick what suits your skills best, all contributions are much appreciated by the rest of the community. More detailed information on how to go about contributing is available on our Get Involved page.

  • Report bugs
    phpBB can only be improved if the developers are aware of the problems users encounter. Detailed descriptions of problems help contributors solve them quickly.

  • Reproduce bugs and verify fixes
    Help identify incorrectly reported bugs to speed up development. Test bugfixes to ensure they work as expected and do not have unintended side effects.

  • Submit patches
    Know how to work with PHP, CSS or HTML? Fix a bug or implement a feature yourself and prepare your patch to be merged into phpBB.

  • Review patches
    Help identify problems before they go into a released version of phpBB and reach our users. Review and test other contributors' patches to identify problems.

  • Discussing existing RFCs
    RFCs are enhancement proposals for future versions of phpBB. You can provide comments on these proposals as well as collaborate on their implementation at the Development Discussion Board.

  • Create new RFCs
    Propose a new feature or a change in behaviour for discussion with the rest of the community. All big changes need to go through this process on the Development Discussion Board.

  • Participate in development IRC channel and Area51
    phpBB's development is public. When developers want to discuss something, have a question or want to request feedback they do it either in the development IRC channel (#phpbb-dev on or on the Development Discussion Board. Everyone is welcome to participate in these discussions to whatever extent they want.

Development Sites & Tools

  • Development Discussion

    Development Discussion

    All proposals for new features and code changes are discussed in this forum. It runs the latest unstable version of phpBB allowing you to test upcoming features.

  • Tracker

    Issue Tracker

    If you found a bug in phpBB this is the place to report it. If you're not sure if the behaviour you found is really a bug try asking for help in the Support Forum first.

  • GitHub


    phpBB's source code is hosted in Git repositories at GitHub. You can also find a number of other tools for phpBB or MOD development there.

  • Continuous Integration

    Continuous Integration

    phpBB is continuously tested against a large suite of automated tests to ensure we deliver a high quality product. Bamboo takes care of running the tests and packaging nightly development packages, while Travis tests proposed changes before merging them in.

  • Coding Guidelines

    Coding Guidelines

    phpBB Coding Guidelines for each version.

  • API Documentation

    API Documentation

    Automatically generated documentation for phpBB APIs - always up to date.

  • Code Changes

    Code Changes

    The file changes that were made between each release of phpBB.

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