universal to phpBB 3.1 Migration/Converter tool

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universal to phpBB 3.1 Migration/Converter tool

Post by raykai »

Some ppl like me are in big need of a Migration/Converter tool to phpBB 3.1 from other forum software Ex: vanilla, mybb and so on.

just wandering if the team is working on a toon for this as many ppl would convert to phpbb if there was a way to migrate from an other forum.

i have found a tool from an other software that could maybe be converted for it to work with phpbb, Anyone willing to make a extension there is a tool from https://vanillaforums.org/addon/porter-core
that dose the Migration from many forums software to vanilla but not the other way around maybe some one could see how the other program works and mack one that dose convert from universal to phpbb 3.1.X

There tool converts all the forums below to vanilla forum:
Vanilla 1
phpBB 2-3
vBulletin 3-5
bbPress 1
SimplePress 1
Simple Machines 1-2
PunBB 1
IP.Board 3
Joomla Kuena
Drupal Forum
Expression Engine
for more see http://docs.vanillaforums.com/developer ... g/support/
and https://github.com/vanilla/porter we could fork the tool on github

we should be capable to adjust that tool to convert them all to phpbb 3.2.X
Your help would be appreciated <3
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Re: universal to phpBB 3.1 Migration/Converter tool

Post by CHItA »

We have a similar system, you can find the available convertors here. If you have any further questions, feel free to create a topic there.
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