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Re: Asset management

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@Nicofuma sounds good.
Nicofuma wrote: Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:24 pm It means that we have to ship: minified files and individual generated files (prettified). If the user has enough knowledges with frontend tools he could crab the source files from the repo. (I don't think that we should ship the less/sass/whateveryouwant source files because it means we will also have to ship dev dependencies and frontend tools config file).
As for the source files wether we choose to ship them or not this is one reason why I have always preached for a separate development repo for the theme from phpbbs repo that is to say the dev version of it would be and should be its on repo that is merged in someway upon release that way the only thing that ever ships is the rendered min/unmin/sourcemaps for your css/js + imgs/fonts/html. This way if you want the source files sass/less/js they are all listed in this repo which can easily be imported as a dependency by a frontend-dev.
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