[RFC] Automatic move banned members for the banned group

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Re: [RFC] Automatic move banned members for the banned group

Post by Pony99CA »

Master_Cylinder wrote:A hidden banned user forum could still be read only and only visible to the banned group...and admin/moderators of course. ;)
I'm still not sure what the point of it would be, but if a Banned Users group exists, an Admin could certainly create a forum that only people in that group could see.
Master_Cylinder wrote:Could a definable redirect list just detect if it matched a banned reason and then redirect as configured and do the default if there was no match?
redirect "spam" = spamban.html (no forum access but a page explaining that spammers are losers.)
redirect "name calling" = redirect viewtopic.php?f=007 (or whatever post shows the rules.)
redirect "any other reason an admin wanted = someplace
If spam then redirect to spamban.html else default

or whatever real code might look like? :D
Sure, but the point is that ban reasons (and the reasons shown to users) are free form text. You'd need an ACP page to define a list of ban reasons (or you could reuse the reporting/denial reasons if you wanted). As for the URLs, you can just enter the text that your page would show in the reason to show to the user, though having a list of boilerplate reasons might be useful.

However, that's really a different requirement than a Banned Users group and so should be a different RFC. Lists and redirects don't require a Banned Users group (they could be done with the existing system) and a Banned Users group doesn't require lists and redirects.

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Re: [RFC] Automatic move banned members for the banned group

Post by Master_Cylinder »

If it's beyond the scope of adding banned users to a group, so be it...
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