Wiki confuriation settings need changing

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Wiki confuriation settings need changing

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I've written a few group articles which I want to upload to my user pages for feed back and general review. There are some basic configuration issues with your wiki that need discussing / fixing. (I help administer and run a couple of wikis so I have some familiarity with the mediawiki application and how to configure it). The last time that I posted a point like this on the wiki, I got referred to this forum -- hence my post here.

The article includes a couple of screen snapshots:
  • [[File:Chrome-NetworkView-page1.png|thumb|tight|top|Chrome DevTool Network View 1 of 2]]
    [[File:Chrome-NetworkView-page2.png|thumb|tight|top|Chrome DevTool Network View 2 of 2]]
which you them click on to upload. What actually happens when you do this is that you get logged out and bounced back to the Main page. Navigating to the page by a different route gets you this and still no ability to upload images. I also tried it directly from the Special:Upload path and this time I got a little further but it errored with
  • Upload warning
    Could not rename file "/tmp/php3R39HC" to "public/7/74/Scrn1.png".
so I guess that there is a file permissions issue on your public hierarchy that is causing the move_uploaded_file() to barf.

Only registered accounts can create wiki content, so if you want to encourage participation and allow something better than the current moribund content then you need to enable things like image uploads.

There are also some weird aspects of the style that you use as default:
  • The float option as shown above doesn't work.
  • The font for normal text is smaller that that for bullets
  • The inter-paragraph spacing between normal text and bullets is ~2 lines but only single line between normal paragraphs.
  • The <pre> tag indents to halfway across the page (are you overloading its use for something other that "preformatted text"
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Re: Wiki confuriation settings need changing

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Please make such reports to the bug tracker:
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